Where Do I go? <Ross's POV>

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I sat there looking at this letter that I had written for my little brother that I didn’t know if I’d ever get to see again. I sat there angry and I wanted to just cry and scream and just lie on the ground like I was paralyzed. I thought of how I wanted to run in the middle of traffic and hope and pray that someone kills me. I’ve thought about doing that so many times and I’ve thought about how nice it would be to not have to worry about where I was going to sleep that night, or where I was going to steal food from and how I wasn’t going to get caught this time. It was just something that I was looking forward to, but if someone killed me they had to live with that for as long as they lived. Then the secret of how I was abandoned would be let out. I couldn’t let that happen, even though my life seemed like complete and utter shit right now, I’ve realized that I’ve hit rock bottom and like I heard from my grandpa when I was younger “Once you’ve hit bottom, all you can go it back up. You will always have problems in your life, but you are you’re biggest problem, but you are also the solution. It’s all about how you look at your glass, half full or almost empty. There’s always a difference my boy. Just remember you can’t count on anyone but yourself, ‘cause everyone can leave and then you’re stuck alone you have to be independent.” Then a teacher tapped me on the shoulder forcing me out of my thinking, he looked at me, but he was looking past me, I guess he was trying to get home and couldn’t leave without making sure the school was empty.

“Hey, you’re new here right? I’m Mr. Carson, it’s getting pretty late do you have a ride home?” He said to me with a sweet voice.

No I don’t, I for a fact do not have a home like you, or every other person in this school. I don’t know if I’ll be able to find a place to sleep tonight. How does it feel to kick a kid that has nowhere to go out of a building that is the only place he can say he has a roof over his head?

“No.” I said without even picking up my head.

“Well where do you live, I can give you a ride home.” 

It was kind of him to offer to take me to my “home” but to be honest I had no idea where home was at this point.

“No thanks, I can walk. It’s better anyways.” I told him not really lying.

“Well if you need anything my room is A204, I’m always here till 4:30, you can study in there instead of the hallway if you’d like.” He said all this walking backwards and out the doors. He was the only man to honestly notice me, and I wondered why.

 So when I finally finished organizing my bag I went to the locker room, made sure no one was in there and used the shower. I turn the knob and I took my clothes off my body one layer after another and then I got under the warm water, knowing it would only last a few minutes so I didn’t have time to think about my whole life and contemplate the good and bad. I quickly got out and grabbed a towel, and drayed off as much as I could, throwing it in the laundry basket and leaving, setting out on the journey to the unknown.

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