Chapter 13

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Jacks Pov

"Look" she said as I looked at the sketchbook, it had a hard black cover, and clean paper, I opened it and looked at the first page...

What is this???

There was a masked girl, probably Rosalyn, and the background was words everywhere

'What's Love?' it said and

'It's nothing but a distraction'


'Love is stupid!' And other bad stuff about love...

"Rosalyn... Is it because you don't know what love is?" I whispered so quiet I don't think she heard me say it

The next page had a katana, killing.... Me and the others..!

"Rosalyn what is this?" I said

"I-It.... Was some nightmare I had... So... I-I drew it" she stuttered, a nightmare? A nightmare eh?

I looked more into the sketches and noticed that in the corner of the page, I see a different name...

"Who's Crona?" I asked which made Rosalyn flinch

"You don't have to tell me, if you want" I whispered and placed the sketchbook on her desk, I was beside her now

"You should rest, I should get going to uh bed too" I said and she got up, and went to her bed

"Ill see you in the morning" I said and left the room

Rosalyn's Pov

He left my room as I laid on my bed, I sighed

How was I supposed to explain that I don't understand... That ugly word, love

I went to sleep, and noticed... I was crying

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