Chapter 2: Without Daddy

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Chapter 2: Without Daddy

    Sunday, April 29th 2007, 12 noon

    My dad comes home with tears in his eyes, he has lost his job. He worked as a jeweller, someone who makes jewellery. My mum is saying he could easily find a new job, and he does. I am only five at the time; I don’t really understand what’s going on.

    My dad said he managed to find a job out in Africa. I think he is going to be away for a very long time. He is saying he will be gone for six years; mum and I are going to have loads of fun together.

    We all get in the car apart from Angel. He is only nine, but he is allowed to stay at home with his friends, Simon, Jack and Anthony. They are really nice boys, I kind of like Anthony; he has blackish hair and bright blue eyes, he has a couple of freckles alone his nose and he pulls the cutest face when he is embarrassed. It makes me giggle.

    We are all sat in the car now and my mum is going to drive. She is taking us to the airport. It’s 5:46 p.m. and my dad has to get his flight by 6:00 p.m.

    My dad unloads his things from the car and kisses me and my mum goodbye and he tells us he will see us all again soon, I can’t wait to see him; it’s going to be so long until I do. I get out the car and help my dad with his suitcase.

    Me and my dad walk hand in hand into the airport; I give him a huge cuddle before I run off back to my mum. Once back in the car with her I get strapped in and we set off back home. When we arrive home I am thinking about playing with Angel and his friends. Angel is a really good brother. I wish every brother was like him.

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