Aliyah's P.O.V

Im in the sittingroom with Louis, Lux and Leah and we are playing with some Lego. Just then Leah comes in and take Lux out to the car because Lou is here to collect her. I give a hug goodbye then sit beside Louis on the couch. I switch on the T.V and start watching 'Sam & Cat' when Louis sits up as if he is about to say something. "So, I was wondering if you would ike to go out for dinner tonight. Like....a date" he asks. Wow. Im shocked and very happy. "Sure! That would be nice." I reply. "I'll go and get ready now." I say. He grins. "Awesome. I'll book a table for us while you get ready. I need to pop home and change aswell." he says. I smile and walk upstairs and go for a shower then get dressed. I'm wearing my red dress and black heels. I walk into Leah's room. " Le-Le, what ya doin?" I ask. She just smiles weakly. "Where are you going?" she asks. I explain the whole story and then she dries my hair and curls it. "Wow, its looks sooo nice Leah. Thanks!" I say. I give her a quick hug and go down stairs.

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