Chapter 14, Ending

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Elsa took a step forward and used her magic and all the snow came and made a giant snowflake in the sky and with a wave with her hand Elsa made the storm disappear and the snowflake.

Elsa: love if how to control my powers

Merida grabbed Hiccup and kissed him then Hiccup put his hand on Merida's face and brined to towards his and they just starting to kiss. Flynn came up to Rapunzel and Kissed her and some guy named Kristoff came and kissed Anna.

Jack: Elsa

Jack and Elsa where standing in front of each other, Elsa put her finger on Jacks lips.

Elsa: Shut up and kiss me

Jack and Elsa started to kiss.

2 mouths later:

Elsa, Jack, Merida, Hiccup and Rapunzel where made into guardians buy Manny AKA Man On The Moon.

They where all dancing at the party Anna has thrown for them but then Anna grabbed the mic and made everyone look at her.

Anna: I have something to say to everyone and to ask my sister

Elsa looked at Anna confused.


Every girl screamed mostly Rapunzel and Anna. Elsa run up to Anna giving her a hug.

Elsa: at lest it wasn't Hans. I give you and him my blessing

Jack came over to them.

Jack: may I have this dance Elsa

Elsa: of cores

Elsa giggled while taking Jacks hand. Hiccup was dancing with Merida and Rapunzel was dancing with Flynn and Anna and Kristoff. They night went on and on they next day was a huge. Merida left back to Scotland but told Hiccup to call her some time he nodded. Rapunzel and Flynn went back to there kingdom. Hiccup jumped on Toothless and flow away but Elsa and Jack where talking on the balcony.

Elsa: come visit right

Jack: I will once a day

Jack and Elsa hugged and kissed before Jack went flying off in the wind. Anna came up and put her hand on Elsa's shoulder.

Anna: he will be back

Elsa: how do you know

Anna: he loves you

Anna and Elsa hugged and holed hands.

Elsa: now let me meet this Kristoff

Anna laughed dragging Elsa down the stairs to meet Kristoff.

Well that where our story ends, but one say they will be called again.

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