Chapter 11

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*Niallette's POV*

~5 years later~

We were celebrating my 21st birthday. All my family and Niall were huddled around me waiting for me to make a wish and blow my candle. When I finally blew it, everyone cheered.

We all walked to the living room and Niall sat besides me on the couch. He leaned in and whispered sending chills down my spine. "What did you wish for princess?" "That's a secret. If I tell you, it might not come true."

He let out a chuckle and I joined along making everyone look at us like we were crazy. We just ignored them and kept laughing. When the laughing stopped, Niall put and arm around me and pulled me closer. "Hey. I have a surprise for you. You wanna go see it?"

I gave him a small nod and he pulled me up from the couch and took my hand and led me outside to his Range Rover. He opened the door for me and then went to his side. He turned on the engine and led us out of the driveway.

"May I ask where we are going?" "I shall not tell you because it is a surprise."

I let out a groan and he just laughed. "I know I like surprises, which makes me weird, but why right now?" "Because I like messing with you. And who cares if you're weird, I love you for who you are." "I love you too my little Irish boy."

I leaned over and pinched his cheek and he started blushing like crazy. I was still amazed on the effects that I had on him after six years. It was just like the first time.

We were driving and I looked out the window. I then saw a sign that said 'Leaving Reno City Limits'.

"Niall. Where are we going?" "That's a surprise my princess."

We kept driving and then Niall drove to the side that said to Las Vegas. I ignored it and leaned back in my seat closing my eyes. I started dreaming of my wedding with Niall in one of the many beaches in Ireland. He was dressed in all white and I was wearing a white lace dress. My maid of honor and only bridesmaid was Vanessa and Niall's best man was his brother Greg.

"You may now kiss the bride."

We were both leaning in when suddenly my dream ended. I woke up to the faint memory and smiled.

"What are you smiling about?" "Nothing. Just a silly dream." "If you say so."

He came to a stop outside a shop. I read the sign. 'Little White Chapel.' This is where Britney Spears got married the first time. As well as many other celebrities.

"A wedding chapel?" "So we can get married and be happily ever after."

We held hands on our way in and headed into one of the rooms. A guy dressed as a preacher stood at an altar and smiled at us.

He read a few verses from the bible and he then looked up.

"Niall James Horan. Do you vow to take Niallette Nicole Torres as your wife?"

Niall smiled at me and turned to the man. "I do."

He then turned to me and asked the same question. "Niallette Nicole Torres. Do you vow to take Niall James Horan as your husband?" "I do."

He turned back to Niall. "You may now kiss the bride."

He leaned in and I finished leaning in for him. We kissed and both smiled into the kiss. We pulled away and smiled like crazy. We walked back to Niall's Range Rover and a huge grin was still in my face.

"Why are you smiling so much?" "Because my wish came true."

I put my arms around his neck and stood on my tippy toes. I closed the gap between us and kissed him. We got into his car and he turned to me.

"Where to now?" "How about a hotel?"


Hey there my loves!!! Long time no see. This is the last chapter. Don't worry. There will be an epilogue. I feel bad for just ending it like this. But I do have two fan fics that I'm working on right now. You all shall read them. Well deuces and see you in the epilogue.

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