Chapter 7

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To remember who you are, you need to forget what they told you to be..

"Mom is on her way to wake you up. I figured I would give you a heads up."

I slowly opened my eyes and rolled off my bed. My body smacked the ground and I groaned. I stayed on my cold hardwood floor for awhile. When I heard mom walk up the steps I crawled into my bathroom. I picked myself up and looked in the mirror. What I saw was something I couldn't never change. I looked worse than the clown on it. My mascara and eyeliner ran down my cheeks and my hair look like a giant bird nest. I turned on the shower and hopped in. After I was done with my shower I threw on a pair of sweats and sweatshirt. I wasn't going anywhere so why look pretty? I put my hair in a messy bun and went down the stairs where my family was siting and discussing religion and politics. As you can see they are pretty boring.

"Kat, glad you could join us. Why don't you grab some food and sit down."

"I'm not hungry."

"Well you need something in your stomach so pour yourself a glass of something and sit down with us."

I didn't deny her and just got myself some orange juice. I took a seat far from all three of them and slid my earphones in.

"Hand those over."


"Because you are grounded missy and that means no phones, radio, tv, computer, or boys. And considering you are only friends with those delinquents then I don't have to worry about the no friends rule."

I sat there starring at her thinking of ways that I could make her forget everything that happened. So far I came up with knocking her out with a bat and saying that a pot or pan fell on her.

I sighed in defeat and all but threw my earphones at her and slid my phone across the table. My mom was about to yell at me but I already left. I locked myself in my room the rest of the night and got ready for school tomorrow.

"Kat why the hell are you not up!?"

"Maybe cause you took my damn phone and I didn't have an alarm!"

As you can see my morning is great. Mom took my phone which contained my alarm clock. Now we are late and mom is probably going to leave me and I'll have to walk to school, which sounds pretty damn good to me.

I threw on my school ID and ran down the stairs. As I opened the outside door I noticed mom was already gone and I had no ride to school, like I predicted. I sighed and started walking towards the school in no hurry. I turned down out neighborhood corner and a truck stopped by me.

"Hey. Need a ride?" Casper asked he stopped in the middle of the road. Once again I was having an internal battle with myself on jumping in this guys truck or not. As I was thinking I didn't realize the cars behind him until they started beeping. I jumped in and just sat there. Awkward.

"So how's your morning going?"

"Oh it's just great."

He let out a small chuckle and turned on the radio.

"Do you always walk to school?"


"You have a ride?"


"Were you late?"

"Do you honestly not notice how I just don't want to talk?"

"Oh I notice. I just don't care. I'm nice enough to give you a ride the least you could do is keep a conversation with me."

"Sorry." I mumbled more to myself than him.

"So if you have a ride then why were you walking?"

"I got in a fight with my mom last night and she took my phone. My phone has my alarm so I didn't get up and she didn't wait."

"Ah. Sorry to but in."

"You're fine. After all you are giving me a ride and you didn't murder me last night."


"Oh I was having an internal battle with myself on if I should walk with you or not because for all I knew you could've killed me."

"Seems legit."

I sat there starring at him. His jet black hair was in his eyes and he had to flip his hair just to get it out of them. He was wearing a sleeping with sirens sweatshirt and black skinny jeans with converses. His ears were pierced along with his lip. He was actually kinda gorgeous.

"Done starring?"

"What? I wasn't starring at you."

"Right, if you weren't starring then what were you doing?"

"Just admiring the view out your window." I was totally checking him out.

"Oh, well I guess the trash place is pretty nice." He smiled his gorgeous smile. Jesus his smile is just contagious. We drove in silence for a couple minutes before I got too bored and rolled down my window. My hair was blowing in the wind and my face was scrunched up because of the sun. I didn't realize we were at the school until he parked his truck and got out to open my door.

"Such a gentleman."

"Well I have to impress the ladies somehow." He gave me a wink and grabbed our bags. He handed me mine and we continued walking towards the doors. I walked in and a cool breeze hit me and caused goose bumps on my legs.

"Well thank you for the ride, but I have some friends waiting for me."

"It's not a problem. There's one thing that is bothering me though."


"You have friends?"

"Ha ha very funny jerk." I punched him in the arm and stuck my tongue out at him.

"Very mature for your age Kat. Later." He waved and went the opposite direction that I was going.

"Who was that?"

I let out a scream and turned around to see Kara smirking at me.

"Jesus. You know I'm going to buy you a cat bell so I can hear you everytime you sneak up on me when I'm trying to talk to a cute boy."

She started laughing so much that she clutched her stomach and had tears in her eyes. What the fuck was so funny? Emily and Seanna started walking towards us and they gave Kara and I a weird look.

"What's wrong with her?"

"I honestly have no idea. I said I'm buying her a cat bell and she started laughing."

After a few minutes go by Kara lifts herself up off the floor and leans against the lockers try to catch her breath and wiped away the tears.

"I was laughing because your name is Kat and yet your getting me a cat bell."

The only person who laughed at that was Seanna.

"Also when you were saying that the dude was behind you and heard it."

I could feel my cheeks heating up. Knowing that Casper knows that I think he's cute is pretty embarrassing.

After that Emily and Seanna joined in and Kara acted out the whole scene. I admit I did kinda laugh.

"Anyways, who is he?"

"Oh. His name is Casper. He is in my math class and is a neighbor I guess."

"Well he is pretty cute."

Today is a blue day and we all have first block together. Our school colors are blue and orange and they split our classes into blue days and orange days. We have lunch, and Spanish together. I hate Spanish the only thing I know how to say is ¿Puedo usar el baño por favor? Which translates to can I use the bathroom please. We headed to the Spanish room and grabbed our seats and began our paper ball fight.

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