The Surface

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I awake on hot but cooling sand my eyes flutter open and I try to regain my consciousness I go over the events that just happened to me realizing that I am human and I'm on land  I slowly get up and look around I see nothing but rocks and water

I wander around aimlessly trying to find salvation or what I've been longing to see all my life humans! suddenly I hear I weird sound the next thing I know I am on the ground and a weird hairy creature is lacking me I try to pry the creature off but it's to heavy.

All the sudden I hear one a HUMAN it's a man's voice calling the creature to him after the creature gets off I am able to see the human he has beautiful silky looking black hair and sky blue eyes he's rather tall and built really strongly  he looked at me like hes seen a ghost I guess it is because when I look down I have no clothes on I shriek and cover myself hoping to hide my body from the man.

He slowly walks over to me and looks me over I feel like he's looking at my inner soul the way his eyes pierced me he touches me it feels like sparks coming all over my body and then suddenly my legs start shaking body feels like it's on fire and I blackout.

I awaken to see the black haired boy sitting beside the bed i am placed in, i try to say something but only a whisper comes out. Suddenly Ursula appears behind the boy in human form she tells him about how I have no life energy and how I have to obtain some a different only through sex with a male person.

He refuses to give me life energy and says "I am not going to have sex with this stranger so that she can get life energy" Ursula smirks and says "you my prince would never pass up a fun time in bed with a women so why now?"

I can see he's thinking but he answers no so Ursula says "looks like you need a little push" Ursula suddenly blows red air around the room after it fades away the dark hair boy sways from side to side Ursula says "have a fun time" then vsnishes.

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