chapter 1:the concert

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Leslie's p.o.v


" jake do i have to go to the concert with you"i asked my bestfriend jake.

"yes you promised me "jake said to me .i dont rember promsieing something to him nothing

"i knew you'll say that so i recorded it "he said will takeing his iphone5 out>"here listen to thins ^jake i promies you that you can take me any where you want next time^ " the phone said

"what da fuck, jacke that was when we went to the after party the pack had ,plus i was high and drunk dumass:i whisperd yelled at him

"it stil counts ok and sit down"he said will siting down."jake why did you even pick this place?"i asked jake."well i picked it because i know you dont like them so i brought you here to get on your nerves."he said

" jake im going to sleep wake me up when we do backstage" i told him

1 hour later


" les wake up"i hear someone say ."ten more minutes"i say ."les wakey wakey"someone said.they start shakeing me so i punch them

"ouch wat was that for"jake said ."its for wakeen me up"i said

"come on lets go jake "a girl with black hair and grama glasses said ."jake whose this 'i asked jake

"oh shes my mate i found her will you were sleeping"jake said.

"hi,im vanassa jakes mate ,you must be the girl sleeping."vannassa said

"hey , im leslie nice to meet you"i said."nice to meet you too"she said . we were makeing our way backstage

ok let me introduce myself .im leslie victoria. im 19 years old .im the Alpha's daughter.i have black hair and blue eyes.jakes is my best friend.i am also half werewolf ,half vampire,half demon ,half witch,and half I stoped ageing today!!

"les les were foing in"jake said."o ok" i said

'mates mates' my wolf kept on saying

'lisa do you see my mate' i asked my wolf

"leslie are you ok"asked jake ."yes im ok"i told him,

"when are we gonna meet them so we can get out of here "i asked jake.

"wait leslie ok "he said ."hey vanassa wanna go shoping when we get out of here?"i aske vanassa."yea sure"she said."ok tell me about yourself."i said "ok um ilke swiming ,hiking ,singing,and playing the guitar"she said ."cool"i said

"next "yelled a bodyguard."ok lets go up"said jake.i ignored the fact that my wolf was yelling mates.

"hey im jake and this is my bestfriend leslie and my girlfriend vanassa"jake said to one not a fan but they are hot.

"hello"they all said . .

'mates mates''lisa my wolf said

''lisa what do you mean mates we only get one'

'they are right infront of you'she said .with that i blocked her our

when i looked up i was attacked in a hug.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------hey you guys i hope you like my book .i dont know when ill update . a picture on the side of jake ,leslie and vanassa ----------> .

thx for reading my


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