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The things were starting to get more and more confusing...

The dinner was a pork stew and a broccoli soup and a mashed potatoes. Sounding healthy. Mom serves me with the food first then Margaux. As I was beginning to eat, I remember Steven. And in between of the spoon in my mouth, I smiled.

"What were you smiling about sweetie?" I looked up to see Mom looking at me. Fined and calmed and soothing. But even before I could answer, Marg was onto it.

"She probably was thinking of this guy at school. She's sick and she can't still stop thinking about him for a minute." she said as her eyes formed a funny teasing movement.

I laughed.

"Oh. Who's the guy? Does he have a name?" Mom was now smiling too.

"Steven." I breathe.

Saying his name makes me feel better. I wonder why Marg isn't mad when she found out earlier that I was thinking about him. Despite the fact that she had told me the other day. Maybe she's just coping and agreeing with me because I'm sick and the least thing she want is to scold me for my stubborness regarding Steven.

"Should I meet him?" Mom was still smiling. I wonder if she's thinking if I'm already in love or what. I looked up on Marg. Hoping for a help. But she just shrugged her shoulders and grinned.

"Oh no. It's not what you think Mom. I doubt that he even know that I exist in this world." I rolled my eyes at that. I think it's a lie? But maybe it goes to the category of white lies.

"Why do you say that? Tell me where did you meet him?" she frowned at my answer knowing that I was lowering my self esteem as always.

"He's my classmate in Biology." I simply answered. Dropping the first time that I met him.

"Uh huh. Then he knows you exist. You two were classmates then he notices you too. I'm sure about that." Mom sounds like she thought of something I didn't want to know about.

"I second with that! Off course he must know you are there. Maybe even laying a stare on you when you're not looking at him." Margaux was teasing me! Her brows was moving up and down while still grinning.

"See? Marg thought so too. Don't be too harsh on yourself." Mom was definitely agreeing. They both are with each other which really really proves that they are the same in a way.

I picked up the broccoli and eat it before answering.

"You too are so the same. Makes me confused who my real mother is." My look is michievously exchanging to both of them before laughing a heartful.

We finished the dinner happily. And as usual, they won't let me help so I just suit myself in dancing up my room to clean myself and get ready for bed. I'm still tired after all. Everything is not so good. But atleast, I got a bestfriend and a Mom downstairs.

I went to the bathroom and took a shower. My mind was thinking of why am I no longer interested in knowing what happened to me the other day or yesterday or when it happened. Between me and Steven. A couple of hours ago, I know I insistently wanna know the truth but now, I can no longer find that desire to know it. Why was that? I dropped my thoughts about that when I finished up at the shower. I put up pajamas before heading downstairs.

Marg and Mom were talking at the kitchen when I pop in.

"Hey sweetie. I was telling Margaux to go home and get some sleep. We'd caused a lot to her." Mom explains to me while drinking a glass of water.

"It's really fine with me to stay here. But I really need to get some things fixed up on our house Ei. " she looks at me sadness in her eyes.

"Then go Marg. Don't be too much worried about me. Mom is here now. You should fixed your things first. It's a lot important." I mean what I said. I looked at her satisfied. She already done a lot of things to her.

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