I never thought you could love (Zoethian) Requested by: AndroidSoul

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"Zoey! Zoey!" Rythian called through the blizzard, looking for the redhead. She had ran away after a fight the two of them had had over Barry. "I'm sorry" he said quietly. She'd been out here too long to still be alive "I'm sorry I got angry" he said and collapsed into the snow on his knees "I'm sorry." "Rythian" he heard the whisper through the storm "Z-Zoey?" He said and stood back up "Zoey!" He yelled and ran as hard as he could through the snow. Heading in the direction from where the whisper seemed to have come. "Zoey" he breathed when he saw the read head lying curled up in the snow, hair and face encrusted with white crystals, bright eyes closed and skin pale as could be "Oh, Zoey" he whispered and pulled her up, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her into a hug "I'm sorry" he repeated "I never meant for this to happen. Any of it. I love you, why did you have to go?" He whispered and tears slid down his face onto the top of her head. He looked down at her and cried more and more. Forgetting about the snow, the cold, his own safety; forgetting it all. "I love you" he said again "ever since you fell out of the sky. Every atom of me loves you" he didn't expect an answer so when one came he was as shocked as a person could ever be "I love you too, Ryth" the cold figure whispered and the Enderborn stared in disbelief as she continued "I've loved you forever. I never thought you could love anyone. Only hate" she looked up at him with big eyes "I've always loved you." Rythian was so overjoyed he couldn't help what he did next. He pulled down his mask, revealing his scars he kept hidden, and kissed the mushroom loving girl. Neither of them thought of the cold, or the snow as their emotions became known to the other. When they pulled apart Zoey said "That warmed me up a great deal. But I'm still cold" Rythian smiled and they kissed once more in the freezing blizzard.

This one's short but I thought it was pretty good for a Zoethian. Considering I'm not the best at writing it.

- Jo

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