"You didn't have to eat it but that works," I say, trying to keep myself from laughing.

"You all better forget that whole thing ever happened," she says, pointing her finger at Daniel, Alicia, and I sitting on the couch.

"What thing?" Daniel says, raising his eyebrows and then winking at her.

I had almost forgotten that Daniel was sitting next to me and I turn to look at him but of course he looks over at Alicia instead and they share a knowing smile. At that moment, I was just about ready to call it quits and go to bed. Fuck this game.

"Daniel, truth or dare?" Fabian says.

Daniel blinks and then licks his lips. "Uh...dare I guess?" he responds.

"Make out with Nora," Fabian says, running his hand over his mouth with an amused smile on his face.

"Um, ok." Daniel looks over at me as if asking my permission before he goes through with the dare. What a dumb ass. Of course I wanted him to kiss me I was his girlfriend.

I nod in confirmation and since Daniel's already sitting next to me he doesn't have to travel far. He leans in and gently cups my chin in his hands, looking me in the eyes. When he looks at me like that I can't help but feel breathless already. Our lips touch a second later and suddenly it feels like everybody else seemed to have vanished from the room. Like it's only the two of us alone together. At first, he kisses me lightly and then goes back in to kiss me more deeply and while he does this, I wrap my arms around his neck and stroke my fingers against his hair. We come up for another breath after the second kiss, only to dive back in for another, our teeth clanging together until our mouths fit perfectly with one another's. When we slowly pull away from each other, all I can do is stare at him, my cheeks feeling flushed and my heart still beating rapidly against my chest. In that very moment, I could officially say that I became attached to Daniel Gonzalez, and as cliche as it may sound, without his physical touch, I felt surprisingly empty inside, and this constant sense of longing and lust seemed to settle inside of me.

I tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear and fix my legs so that I'm sitting crisscross applesauce again. That's when I notice Alicia staring at me from the other side of the couch. Her gaze continues to bore into me when I turn away and I realize then that it's no ordinary stare that she's giving me. It's a look of pure jealousy.


The sounds of birds chirping and the low grumbling of a lawnmower in the distance are what I hear early that next morning. My eyelids flutter and I slowly begin to open them and that's when I see Daniel lying across from me in the bed, staring at me almost adoringly.

"Morning sleepyhead," he murmurs, tracing his finger across my bare arm.

I can't help but shiver at his gentle touch. Before I can have the chance to say a simple "good morning" he leans into me, putting his hands around my waist and kissing me deeply and passionately. I let out a little sigh and let him roll on top of me. He readjusts the sheets in the bed so that they are completely covering our bodies before kissing me again. His lips are so soft, like a fluffy pillow, and we continue to lie like this kissing until he suddenly says to me, "Nora, do you want to..?" I know what he wants, and I want it just as badly; so I give him a suggestive grin and then nod. He moves his hand down to my waist, making excruciatingly slow circles around the waist band of my pajama pants.

"Do it. Go ahead, Daniel," I find myself saying over and over again until---

"Nora! Get up!" A voice almost yells into my ear, and I can feel my shoulders being shaken. I open my eyes with a start and automatically sit up in bed. The person who was shouting at me to wake up was Selena, who is now perched on top of my sheets, fully dressed and bright eyed. I blink rapidly a few times, not wanting to believe that what I had just experienced was only a dream. But apparently it was, because Daniel is no where in sight and Selena confirms this by saying, "Fabian and Daniel just went out to get us some food for breakfast. They should be back soon. They left about a half an hour ago."

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