Chapter 24

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This chapter is dedicated to @DarknessAndLight, an amazing writer here on Wattpad.

Chapter 24

After eating at Taco Bell, I was thankful to be back at the house so I could just lay down in my bed and fall asleep without anyone disturbing me. Unfortunately, things didn't exactly work out that way.

"We should play Truth or Dare!" Selena says excitedly while all of us are settling down in the basement to watch TV.

"Really? I think I'll pass," Fabian says, letting out a yawn.

"What? C'mon guys lets play! You wanna play right, Nora?" Selena asks me, looking at me expectantly.

It's not like I was gonna say no, right? It was better than just sitting here and watching TV while Daniel and Alicia continued to whisper and giggle with each other like a bunch of five year olds.

"Yeah, I guess I'm up for it," I reply.

Selena claps her hands together and lets out a little squeal. Fabian sighs. "Ok fine we can play," he gives in.

Alicia, who is sitting on the opposite side of the couch from me also says, "Sure, why not?"

"Now it's just you, Danny," Selena says, "Sorry but it's four against one. You don't really have a choice," she giggles.

"Fine, lets play," Daniel says.

"Ok, I'll start," Selena says, "Nora, Truth or Dare?"

"Um, truth," I say, my heart starting to beat a little faster. Hopefully her question wouldn't be too awkward or personal.

"Hmm, have you had any other boyfriends before Daniel?" Selena asks.

I press my lips together tightly. I had almost forgotten Daniel was even my boyfriend to begin with. He sure hadn't been acting like one so far on this trip. Or at least ever since Alicia arrived. Now I had no choice but to talk about Asher. I decided to just keep my answer as unspecific as possible.

"Yeah, I had a boyfriend named Asher who I had been dating since freshmen year but then we broke up last winter. That's the only other boyfriend I've ever had," I say.

"Ok," Selena nods and I see Fabian lean into our circle a little more, no longer looking as tired as he did before.

"All right, um, Fabian, truth or dare?" I say, locking eyes with him.

"Dare," he says immediately.

For a few seconds I think about what a good dare would be and that's when I smile. I had the perfect dare for him.

"Get a piece of candy from the kitchen and put it on your tongue and then transfer it onto Selena's tongue," I say, unable to hide my grin.

Selena looks at me like a deer in headlights but I just shrug and give her a little smile.

"Okey dokey," Fabian says and runs up the basement stairs to the kitchen. Selena gives me a look that reads "I'm gonna kill you" and I just smile at her sweetly.

When Fabian returns he's carrying a pack of M&Ms and he opens it and takes a red one out of the pack. He then places it onto his tongue and moves over to where Selena is sitting. Even Alicia, who was looking slightly bored before, has sat up straighter on the couch and has a hint of a teasing smile on her face. We all watch Fabian open his mouth and touch his tongue with Selena's, the red M&M sliding onto hers. Fabian quickly takes his tongue out of her mouth then and collapses back into his chair. Selena, looking bewildered, chews a little on the M&M and then swallows it.

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