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I could feel my feet getting weaker and weaker, it felt like the ground was crumbling beneath my feet as I shouted as loud as I could,

“HELP! WE’RE BEING HELD HOSTAGE!” I shouted louder and louder but saw nobody around, I paniced. As I ran my legs were like jelly and I was a nervous wreck, if they saw me I would probably be dead.

“Stop where you are. Unless you want them dead” I heard a voice behind me, it left a shiver down my spine. I slowly turned around to see a figure of what looked like a boy with a hoodie covering his face and only revealing his mouth, holding two guns to Lux and Alex’s head, wait, Lux!? My brain ran overdrive and I was lost for words.

“W-what n-no!” I shook.

“Pick one, save one” He smirked at me. I started hyperventilating.

“NO, PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!” I pleaded with hurtful eyes. Lux’s mascara was now streaming fast down her face and Alex’s head hung low.

“Pick.One.Now.” He said about to pull both triggers. I froze, I couldn’t move or speak STAR SAY SOMETHING! DO SOMETHING! The voices screamed louder and louder inside my head.I wanted to, but I physically couldn’t. A tear ran rapidly down my face which turned to more and more as I tried to defend them both in my mind.

“Any last words you two?” He grinned at them both.

“PLEASE DON’T, THEY’RE INOCENT!” I screamed at him.

“Goodbye Star” Lux said through the tears as she smiled at me “Just… don’t forget me” I shook my head as tears fell at a faster rate.

“And you lover boy?” He laughed. I looked into Alex’s eyes, one small tear ran down his cheek as he looked up at me.

“I-“He was choked up, “I love you Star” he smiled as tears raced down his face, I smiled a little through my tears as I tried to speak “I l-“The trigger was pulled, they both collapsed to the hard ground, lifeless, dead. I screamed out.

“NO!” I ran to them as the man started to walk away from me. Lux’s hair fell softly and her once red cheeks were drained of their colour. Her eyes were shut closed as a tear sat in the corner of her eye, one that now could never be cried. I looked over to Alex as I put my hand on his face, his blank expression leaving me heartbroken. I was crying for them. I held Alex’s hand tight pushing his hair out of his eyes. I saw the boy in the distance, his shoes… I froze. They were the blue Nikes I had bought Ash for Christmas with a personalised ‘A’ on the side, He killed them.

“STAR! WAKE UP!” I heard a voice as my eyelids uncovered my eyes, I held Alex close to me. Beads of sweat had formed on my forehead.

“Shhh it’s ok, you’re safe, it was just a dream” I sobbed into his shoulder, What if this was a flash-forward what is he IS going to kill them? I thought to myself, trying to reassure myself out of it but it all made too much sense. Looking over his shoulder, I watches Ash’s gaze towards the wall he had been sitting near for our whole time in this dim,secluded room. For our whole time in this place so far,nobody had told us anything about why we were here, well not me anyway. I hated him, truly deeply hated him, now even if I looked into his eyes my stomach churned and I felt my heart sink deep into my chest. A mix of sadness,hurt, and disappointment balanced out. I heard footsteps outside the door, I felt Alex tense as he held me, I looked up at him and the door swung open.

“Right, I want you there and you there” The man pointed at us dividing us into boys and girls, I looked over at Alex worried he was going to be taken away from me.

“You, here” His eyes locked onto me as I gave a baffled expression.

“YOU.HERE.” His command became stronger, I obeyed and stood up walking over and standing in front of him, my figure shaking as he looked at me. I wanted to stand up for myself so badly.

“What’s your name bitch?” He asked.

“…” I glared at him.

“Answer me.” His voice grew thicker.

“My name is Star, and I’m not a bitch” I smiled sarcastically, then muttered under my breath “not yours anyway” I quietly laughed and smiled a little and my own joke before he grabbed my wrist pushing me into the wall with a serious expression plastered on his face.

“You are what I want you to be you little smartass” He said breathing down my neck which made me shiver, I saw Alex trying to break free from the man holding him, but instead the man slammed him to the ground so he was face down on the dusty ground.

“HEY!” I shouted, bad move. The man showed me a pen with the marking ‘mark it’ on it, I presumed it was some sort of permanent marker ‘but knowing the men that were here it was probably a permanent permanent marker that stayed there forever or some ish’ I thought.

“Since you are ours” He started “We might as well put our mark on you” He smiled as he pushed the pen into a part of my arm near my shoulder as he wrote ‘333’ on my arm. I saw the other men writing on the others arms and then pushing them to the ground; the man dropped me to the ground and rubbed his hands together. Within five seconds the men were gone and the door shut tight, I went over to Storm and Alex.

“D…did you get a number then…?” I asked feeling awkward.

“I got 222.” Alex examined his number closely as if he’d never seen numbers before.

“444” Lux said looking at hers too.

“Are we really going to be labelled by bloody numbers? I feel like an animal, this is disgusting” I ranted.

“We’re never going to be labelled.” Storm frowned and reached into her pocket retrieving something, she pulled the lid off it. It was a sharpie.

“Give me your arms” she smiled slightly and we both gave her our wrists. She neatly wrote our names on our wrists and she gave me the pen and I returned the favour. We were worth more than numbers, a lot more.


“What’s her name?” The man said grinning at me, I felt sick. The man in front of me passed over some files from which I presumed were my personal details…

“Ah, she can go in here” He grinned wider pulling me by my shackles as they scraped across my skin on my feet causing a burning stabbing pain in my ankles, I whimpered under my breath. I felt ashamed to have been brought here. Why didn’t I just escape!? Or even run… I thought to myself. The worst part was I had lost her, she was gone. They took her away from me. Even though she was still in my thoughts I had lost her, and I didn’t know if I would ever see her again.

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