Chapter 23

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Hey everyone, new chapter with Author's Note at the end!  Enjoy! Xx

Chapter 23

When we pull into the parking lot of Miami Beach, Fabian barely has time to park before Selena leaps out of the car and grabs her beach chair and towel out of the trunk.

"Race you guys!" She squeals, slamming the trunk closed and taking off across the parking lot, her flip flops smacking against the pavement.

I slide out of the back seat and glance over at Daniel, who's talking to Fabian about something.

"We'd better run after her cause there's no way in hell Ima let her win," Fabian says, chuckling.

"You're right," Daniel says, "But she's already gotten a major head start," he points out.

"So what? I can beat her with my eyes closed," Fabian challenges, and with that, he takes off like a lightening bolt after Selena.

Daniel eyes me. "Wanna race, Nora?" He asks me, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

I giggle, "Sure," I reply. "If I win you have to kiss me," I say.

Daniel shrugs. "Ok, and if I win...I get to throw you into the ocean," he says.

"All right, fine. It's on," I say with a little laugh, and we look at each other one last time before sprinting across the parking lot. I weave through groups of bikini clad girls and guys carrying surfboards who all smirk when they see me zip by them. My long blonde hair whips out behind me and I don't even have time to see if Daniel's behind me or right up next to me.

When I cut through the boardwalk and across the grassy area where the outdoor showers are located, I take a quick look around me as I'm still running. Daniel is no where in sight and I take that as a sign that he might've gotten caught up in the huge crowds of beach goers. I smile to myself as I charge along another boardwalk and down a small set of stairs and I finally feel my feet hit the warm sand. I throw my hands up in victory and then, breathing heavily, wait for Daniel to catch up so I can rub my winning in his face.

"There you are," I hear a familiar voice say close behind me.

I whirl around to find Daniel standing right in front of me with a haughty grin plastered across his handsome face.

"Well, it's about time!" He says, with mock impatience.

"Wait...what?" I say, confused. Is it possible that Daniel had gotten here before me and I hadn't even known it? "Oh my God, I'm going to kill you!" I shriek at him while trying not to start laughing hysterically.

"Guess you didn't notice that there's another entrance to the beach that's way shorter to get to?" He says, that stupid grin still present on his face.

"Ok fine you win!" I sigh, "But I am not going to let you---"

"Throw you in the water? Nice try but a bet's a bet," he says, walking over to where I'm standing and before I can even protest, he grabs the lower half of my legs and hoists me up into his arms.

"Let me down, Daniel!" I cry, "Please, I'll do anything else, but not this! Please?" I beg him, but he ignores me.

I wrap my arms around his neck and turn my back to the ocean as he runs down the sandy slope leading up to it. "Daniel, let me down!" I insist, but my laughing only makes him want to do it even more. I'm now laughing so hard I can feel tears forming at the corners of my eyes. "I hate you!" I shout at him, "I'm gonna kill you if you go through with this!"

"I'd like to see that," Daniel chuckles, and that's when I turn around to see that we're only a couple feet away from the shoreline. The waves are especially violent today, most likely because of the wind, and whenever they hit the sand, it feels like the whole ground nearby is shaking.

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