Madison's POV

I pat my dress down, trying to get it nice and neat as i walk down the hall. My heels were echoing through the school as I tried to lower them down. I sigh and turn the corner when i stopped in my tracks. I heard heavy breathing and i tried focusing on where it was coming from. Hesitantly, i turned around and turned the left corner where i stood frozen at the sight. Eyes widened, the horrible scenery in front of me made my heart ache

On the ground laid Janet, surrounded by a pool of blood. I rushed over to her and got on my knees, brushing her hair off her face. She was clearly bashed in with something on the head, I concluded by looking at the side of her right temple, which was bleeding uncontrollably

''Oh my god, Janet..'' I gabbed a used towel from my bag and wrapped it around her head. I turned her around and placed her head in between my thighs and placed my hand on her chest. She was breathing. Thank god. But she was loosing blood and fast. 

My breathing got heavier as i reached out for my phone and grabbed it, my hands shaking uncontrollably. My head was spinning and pounding as i struggled to dial 9-11.  Eyes were getting blurry and it was hard to see. 

''Come on Madison'' I breathed out. ''You can do this'' I tried lecturing myself. But i knew panic attacks were hard to get through. Closing my eyes I thought about all the happy memories in early High school with Janet, all the times we laughed, all the tears, all the sleepovers, and with that my heartbeat lowered as I was able to place the phone on my ear. 

''9-11 how may I help you?'' A, what sounded like, middle aged woman talked on the phone. 

''Yes hello, my friend. S-she, i don't know what happened but shes bleeding by the right side of her temple. Shes loosing blood fast. Come really fast p-please'' I stuttered, heart racing again and all the signs of a panic attack reappearing. 

'''Ma'am please calm down, well get through this okay?'' 

''Just come quick please'' I tried sounding demanding but all that came out was a whisper, out of breath and oxygen. My eye lids closed half way and i started seeing star figures. I blinked rapidly when i saw a dark figure coming my way slowly 

''Ma'am please tell us your location'' The lady said, of course i was trying to focus on the figure that was walking towards me. It was a guy, i was sure of that. He came closer.....and closer...and closer. He got on his knees right in front of me, but then, my eyelids closed completely and i fell with a thump on the floor. All i saw was a mischievous smile. And it seemed so familiar. 


Beep. Beep. Beep

I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling, the calm beeping noise took over the room. My eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. Where was I? I shuffled around the bed and looked around the room. I took quick notice in that i was in a hospital. Looking down at my arms i saw tubes going up, the monitor going steady and the lights dim. I felt weak and i could barely turn my head around. Once i gained the strength to do so I saw who was in the bed next to me. 


That's when the memories flew in and y eyes widened. I felt a rush of adrenaline as I ripped out the tubes going up my forearms. I wasn't even thinking, i had to see if my best friend was okay. It was just her first day and look what happened. Who would do this? There was no one in the school that she knew, i mean come on, she moved from Florida to California. Chances of her seeing anyone from there was one in a thousand. Wait.... she seemed to know carter. Impossible. I shook the thought out of my mind. Maybe i was just going insane. I mean, i have the right too, look what just happened to my best friend. This was getting out of hand. I need to find out who it was. 

''You shouldn't do that'' Janet said with a chuckle as I rushed to her. I brushed her hair back and she looked at me with sad eyes. She knew that i wanted to bombard her with questions. About why would someone do this. Why to her. And more importantly, who did it. 

''Are you alright?'' I said barely below a whisper. In fact, it just sounded like a wheeze. A smile appeared on my face as she chuckled. 

''Yea, I'm fine Maddy. So come on, ask me already''

''Ask you what?''

''What you really want to ask'' She said and stared at the ceiling. Her eyes help a certain spark in them. I've never seen it before but it held pain and a certain desire. She knew who it was and i was certain of it. 

''Who did this to you?'' I clenched my jaw, waiting impatiently for her to answer. But, if she told me who it was, would i be brave enough to stand up to the person? would i defend her? would i do anything at all? this was Janet, i had to do something. 

''It was C-'' She stooped what she was saying as a nurse hurried inside the room and swiftly injected her with some sort of yellow liquid. Janet's eyes closed almost immediately after the nurse had acted. I look at the nurse

''What did you d-do to her!'' I yelled, even though i stuttered, this was the first time i acted tough. The nurse was taken aback and then smirked. She roughly pushed me on the bed and stuck the tubes up my arm again. I looked at her as she pulled out another syringe filled with the yellow liquid. She flicked it three times and looked at me with a devilish smile. 

''Doctors orders''

*15 minutes before*

The hospitals self opening doors opened as Carter walked in. He scanned the lobby as he saw different people waiting. He shook his head and walked over to the front desk and smiled at the young nurse. 

''Hello love how may i help you?''  She said looking up at him and admiring his beauty, her cheeks becoming a rosy red color. 

''Yes actually you can. First, I'm going to need your number'' He winked and licked his lips as she scribbled it down on a piece of paper, handing it to him. ''Thank you. Now I'm going to need you to cal up Nurse Melissa Argent'' 

The young nurse nodded her head and licked up the phone, whispering into it, hanging up a minute later. 

''Go ahead, shes in room 5201'' 

''Thank you sweety'' He flirted and scanned the door numbers as he found the one he was looking for. Right when he was about to open the door Melissa came out and smirked at him. 

''What do you need me to do now Carter?'' 

 Carter scanned her up and down her nurse uniform and licked his lips 

''I need you to sedate Madison Rose and Janet Martin'' He said casually and placed a hand on the wall, standing in front of Melissa. 

Melissa's eyes furrowed together as her piercing green eyes stared into his hazel ones. She shuffled through some papers and smirked. 

''Not going to happen''  She said sternly and turned to walk away as he grabbed her waist. 

''Yes you are''

''No I'm not'' Melissa argued

''No you re not'' He said, trying to get her mixed up

''Exactly'' She smirked. She was way to smart for him, and he knew it. 

''Fine ill do anything you want.'' 

She thought about it for a second, ''Fine but you owe me lover boy'' 

She walked down the hall and into a room just a few doors away from where they just talked.


why do you think Carter is doing all this? What ''Business'' is he in? Will Janet tell Madison? These questions and more will be answered in the next chapters. Please vote and comment! -Melissa

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