As usual, I had no idea when Harry would be here. It was currently 6pm, around the time where I had to call Max. One of the obligations of being an agent, is never to keep valid information to oneself. It’s against the rules. So that means I have to tell Max about my parents. Don’t get me wrong, It’s not because I don’t trust Max, it’s just that I want to do this on my own. They might pull me out of the mission if they found out, and that would make everything highly problematic. So the question was weather or not I should tell him. If they found out I withheld information, I would get in deep trouble. Not the kind of trouble you get in, when you do something wrong in school and get detention. Jail sentence, that’s what I was talking about. People would see you as a disgrace to your country. And the thing is, I would be a disgrace. Because if I put myself first, before the safety of my country, I would go against the government, my people and myself. So the question was; should I keep it to myself, and hope they didn't find out. Or should I tell them and trust the government to find them? I came to the conclusion that I would find them myself. That way I could have control of the situation.

I tapped my fingers impatiently on the armrest of the charcoal colored couch, as I listened to the beeping sound my phone made while calling Max. I had come up with a plan of what to say to him, so I could avoid telling him about my parents and Emily. I’m sure he would understand why I was keeping it to myself. Of course he would be offended that I didn’t trust him to keep quiet, but he would get over it. That is if he find out.

“Hello, Elektra.” His husky voice rang through my ears. Him greeting me wasn’t unusual, but this time there was an edge to it, which worried me.

“Max.” I said b, he knew I hated it when he kept me in the dark. He thought that I don’t notice it, but I always did. His heavy breathing indicated he understood that I didn’t have time for his secrets. Whatever it was that was bothering him, it couldn’t be that bad. He let out a long gusty sigh before filling me in.

“First, I want you to know that I tried to talk him out of it. I had nothing to do with this decision.” He sounded hesitant. Maybe it was bad. 

“What is it Max!” I growled. I seriously just wanted to get this over with. How does it help stalling? I’ll find out no matter what, so what’s the point?    

“Colonel McCarthy thinks the process of the mission needs to speed up. We need results, and we need them now.” He took a deep breath before continuing. “Colonel McCarthy wants you to get, you know, intimate with your partner. He wants you to develop a relationship with him. Of course he can’t find out. At least consider it Elektra.” I was taken aback by his words. Me, getting intimate with Harry? 

“Are you absolutely insane?!” Anger would be a huge understatement. Outright furious would be more like it. Nobody could ever like Harry. Sure, he was very attractive, but Harry as a person, not so much. It wasn't an assumption, but a fact. He couldn’t be stupid enough to think that I, of all people, would ever like him. He knew how much I hated him. And Harry would never like me anyway.

“Sorry Elektra, an order is an order. I can’t do anything about it.” He was right, an order is an order. I groaned loudly, still not liking the fact that I had to pretend to like Harry. I then told him everything that had happened on the mission so far, leaving out the part about my parents and Emily. So far, I hadn’t gotten much useful information, so I kind of understood why Colonel McCarthy did what he did, but it still didn't mean that I liked it. 

“Bye, Elektra.”

“Max.” The anger I felt towards him was obvious in my voice. With that I hung up.

It was now 12 pm. Harry still hadn’t showed up, which I was quiet confused about. I thought he would have been here by now. My eyelids were getting heavier by the second, reaching the point where I couldn’t keep them open. Just as I was about to fall asleep, a fierce knock came from the door. I pushed myself up from the — extremely comfortable — couch, the wooden floor creaked as I walked to the door. I rubbed my eyes, trying to look at least half awake. Normally, it wouldn’t  bother me to stay up late, but I was extremely low on sleep, due to everything that had happened the past few days. As I took long strokes towards the door, there was another fierce knock. My hand came in contact with the cold metal doorknob, pulling it open. Harry was dressed in black and the same expression he always had, hadn’t changed one bit. First, when he looked at me with a scowl, did I realize I wasn’t dressed for a mission at all. 

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