Chapter 22

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Hey guys, new chapter update so so so sorry for the wait! I was originally gonna make it longer but I cut it short because I didn't want to keep you waiting! :)


Chapter 22

I wake up feeling goosebumps on my legs and then I lazily sit up and realize that it's morning---and my top blanket had fallen off my bed and onto the floor. That's when I remember and I can feel the excitement bubbling up inside of me; today was the day. The first official day of spring break. Daniel would probably be here any minute to pick me up. We were leaving for Miami today and my plan was to write my mom a note explaining that I was spending a few nights at Lizzie's house. I would tell her that she could call me to confirm I was there, of course on my cell phone because I wouldn't actually be there, and that would be that. My mom was probably already gone by now at work and she most likely wouldn't even have the time to check in on me anyway.

I slide out of bed and walk into my adjoining bathroom to take a quick shower. When I see myself in the mirror I can't help but smile brightly at my reflection. That's how excited I was to get out of here and be with Daniel again. The last time we had talked I had said that I loved him and he had said it almost immediately back. Ever since then, I feel like things have gotten even better between us. And this vacation we're taking to visit his hometown is all the more reason for us to become more intimate. I rub my hands up and down my arms; still feeling the chill from the air conditioner in my room. Or maybe its from thinking about being intimate with Daniel. Not the kind of intimate where you share all your thoughts and feelings with each other---we already did that---I think. We had come close several times to doing it, but every time there was some kind of interruption or it just wasn't the right time or place. Daniel told me that we would be staying at his friend's house in his old neighborhood. I didn't know what the friend's name was, but I did wonder how the sleeping arrangement was gonna go. Honestly, I didn't care about where I slept at all; all I cared about was whether I was sleeping alone or not. Maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up, I mean this vacation was supposed to be a lot of fun and maybe deciding to get more serious in our relationship wasn't a part of Daniel's agenda. I just hope his friends are nice and will want to include me.

When I'm finished with my shower, I change into a pair of ripped denim shorts and a loose pink tank top from Forever 21. I put on a bikini underneath my clothes because we'll probably be stopping at the beach first thing when we get there. I then put my hair into a messy bun and zip up my pre-packed suitcase. I check my phone to see if Daniel has texted me yet but I have no new messages. Pulling up the handle on my suitcase, I drag it behind me as I exit my bedroom and step out into the hallway. I go into the kitchen and grab a yellow sticky note off the pad and write a note to my mother in pen. In the note I basically tell her that I'm going over to Lizzie's and that I plan on staying over there for a few nights. I tell her that she can call me on my cell phone if she wants but other than that, I say I won't be coming home until Tuesday. After writing the note, I quietly enter her bedroom and lightly place the note on her bedside table while she's still sleeping. When I return to the front hall to retrieve my suitcase, I notice my phone is lighting up. My heart does a little leap when I see that it's Daniel.

I'm waiting outside whenever you're ready! :)

Oh, was I ever. I eagerly open the front door and step outside, breathing in the warm spring air. I see Daniel waiting across the lawn in his car and he nods at me. He's wearing a pair of Ray Bans and a snapback. I sprint across our perfectly manicured lawn, dragging my suitcase behind me. Daniel smiles at me and says "hey" before helping me put my luggage in the back. He then closes the trunk of the car and turns to me. "You all set?" he asks.

"Yeah, lets go to Miami, baby!" I exclaim, throwing my arms around him, unable to control my excitement.

"Did I mention that you look beautiful this morning?" he murmurs into my ear.

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