The Meeting

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( Inigo's P.O.V.)

Wooh! Summer Vacation! At last I can spend time with my friends since there's no classes, and some time with my girlfriend, Anne. My bestfriend, Mae, texted me and said if I would like to go Ice Skating with her and I agreed. We met outside my house at 2 o'clock and went to the mall.

"Uhmm, Mae is Anne ok with you?" I asked her because she doesn't like going out with her "Yeah, why? w-wait, what do you mean 'ok with me'?" ok, she's suspicious now. "Because you don't agree with her and you don't like hanging out with her, if you don't mind, do you like her as my girlfriend?" she looks pissed, then answered "Look, as your bestfriend, I'll be honest with you, I don't like her as your girlfriend, it's not because I'm jealous, it's because she's mean to others and me and she treats me like I'm her slave but as your bestfriend I'll support you, be by your side the whole time cuz' that's-"she stopped and stared at me, what is she gonna say? "That's what?" I asked her "Cuz' that's what bestfriends do" ooh, I knew that "So, you're ok with us now?" she smiled, then said "Yes, let's go we've been standing here for minutes now, people are staring you know" she's right, people are staring at us "Yah, let's go now, it is embarassing" she chuckled then held my hand, hey there's nothing serious about us, bestfriends ok?

When we got to the skating rink we paid for our tickets then got our shoes. Mine is size 8 while Mae's is size 6, hehe  pretty big and pretty small.There are few people inside the rink so me and Mae have many space to fall on. To be honest, I don't know how to skate but Mae knows how to but she can't go too fast. Mae went inside first, damn! this woman knows how to freaking skate! ok, I'm getting jealous now. As I went inside, I almost slipped good thing no one noticed. I'm holding on the rails then Mae went to me "Hey scaredy cat, how you doing?" she teased me "Stop it it's like my second time to skate so I don't know how unlike you, you learn so easily" I looked at her, annoyed "I'm sorry Inigo, it's just that I don't know anyone who skates" I feel bad for her "It's ok, I'll try to learn and we will skate, together" that made her smile. She went off, skating somewhere else and me alone in the rails, started to follow her.

It's hard, I started to move my feet to the side then I began to move and did the same thing until I'm near her but I slipped because a skater went right in front of me, I became out of balance then fell into the cold floor. My elbows hurt so does my butt, good thing I didn't hit my head. Th girl went to me and helped me up, "I'm sorry, are you okay?" I looked at her, she's beautiful and looked so...young "Hello? are you okay?" I didn't realize I was staring at her "Oh, yes I-I'm fine, I'm good thank you for helping me" I smiled at her, she smiled back "Don't thank me, it's my fault you have a wound on your elbow. Oh, it looks bad, come on let's go to the clinic" she held my hand then I stopped her, I didn't even realize I have a wound "Wait! I don't know to skate" soooo embarassing "That's okay, I'll help you get there, just put your feet apart and move your right foot to the right then left foot to the left, relax don't be afraid to fall, because from falling you will learn to skate, I'm telling you because I'm also like that before when I was young" Young? so she skated when she was still a kid? "You skate when you were still little?" So that's why she's so good "Yes, I started when I was 6" I held her hand tightly then started to move my feet faster, finally we got there. The nurse cleaned my wound then bandaged it, I'm still holding her hand, no wonder it didn't bother her. We got out and I let go of her hand, it was red. "Oh yeah, I forgot to ask what's your name?" we've been talking all this time without knowing each other's names "Catherine Woodley, you?" Catherine, nice name "Inigo Amerson, nice meeting you Catherine" I smiled at her, she blushed "Cat for short, nice meeting you too Inigo"

I heard someone call my name,  Mae, I forgot about her "Hi Inigo, who's your friend?" she smiled at Cat "Oh this is Catherine, she helped me when I fell and Cat this is Mae, my bestfriend" Cat shook Mae's hand "Hi Cat, nice to meet you, thank you for helping Inigo" they smiled at each other "You're welcome, nice meeting you also" all of us smiled "I'm sorry I have to go now, I have to meet someone at home see you both of guys around, a pleasure to meet you both so goodbye, see you" she said, with that, she smiled and left. Me and Mae also decided to go home so we went out and ate at starbucks first. While eating she asked me "Do you like Cat?" yes, yes I do, not as a friend but as a crush but what about Anne, I love her and everything but it's complicated "Yes as a friend" I replied "Ok" she said.

After we ate, we left. When we arrived at home I told her goodbye and I'll just text her tonight. I went inside and ran to my room, locked the door and lied down still thinking about Cat.

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