Learning To Love Him.

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Jordan's POV

"WHY WOULD YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING THAT?!" I shouted, full of rage. "I just want to put things right!" My brother defended.

"BEN YOU DON'T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEAN BY SAYING 'don't tell mom and dad'!" I argued. "I'm sorry Jordan! I was just saying maybe if would be easier that way!"

"WELL IT WON'T BE! I DON'T NEED ANY OF YOU TO HELP ME!" I cried, panting from exhaustion. Ben and I had been arguing for an hour and luckily our parents weren't home, and who knew where AJ went. Probably sucking some sluts face off or something.

"I'm sorry" Ben whispered, "I'm just scared" he breathed, calming the situation down. "I know, and I'm sorry" I responded in a more humanly way. "Just promise me you won't tell mom and dad? Please?" I begged. He nodded, and opened his mouth to say something before hesitating, and walking out of my room. "Ben" I called after him just when he reached the door.

"Yeh?" He asked, turning around to face me. "Don't listen to my prayers again." I chuckled lightly as to say I forgave him. He walked out the room without another word.

He ignored me at school for a week. Constantly, even at home. That was until the next week....

A/N: I know this is too confusing and shit but as the story will go on, it will unravel everything and stuff. So yeh, comment what you think? And vote if you are that kind;) the first chapter will go up soon when I start the second chapter:) so yah! See y'all around:3 ✌️

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