Chapter 21- Daniel's POV

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Chapter 21- Daniel's POV

Thursday afternoon after school, I'm sitting in my room listening to Chief Keef when I hear a faint knock on my bedroom door. The noise is soft because I cranked the volume all the way up on my ear buds.

"Come in!" I yell.

The door opens and it's Anthony. I hear him say something but I can't quite make out what it is over my music. He then walks over and rips the buds out of my ears.

"Yo, what the fuck?" I say, giving him an annoyed look.

He ignores my complaint and instead says, "I gotta a job for you to do."

"What?" I ask, still rubbing the inside of my left ear in pain.

"I want you to deliver this package to this address," Anthony instructs, handing me a brown box that's tightly sealed as well as a crumpled up piece of paper with directions on it.

I can feel myself becoming more alert when he hands me it, after all I know exactly what's inside. I feel myself getting more excited.

"How much you gonna pay me?" I ask him.

Anthony narrows his eyes at me. "I don't know yet," he says, "just get it done, aight?"

"Fine," I say, clutching the box firmly.

Anthony is about to walk out when I say, "Just one question, why can't you do it?"

He turns around to look at me. "'Cause--Monica's coming over," he explains.

A smirk forms across my face. Monica Rodriguez lived a few doors down from us and was about Anthony's age; two years older than me. I knew they were fucking around together and it was kind of fun to tease Anthony about it.

"Just try not to disturb the neighbors," I joke, "You wouldn't want them calling 911 because of all the violent love making."

"Ay, fuck you," Anthony says to me good-naturedly.

"Tell her I said hi," I say, walking towards the front door.

"Can do," he replies, "Oh, and good luck," he tells me.

I close the front door behind me and walk across our lawn to the car parked on the curb. When I get in I take a look at the slip of paper with the address on it. 2725 S. Wallace St. The guy's name is above the address: Michael Dunn. I plug the address into the GPS and start driving as it directs me. A few minutes later, I pull into the neighborhood where this guy lives and park on the other side of the street across from his house. I covertly step out of the car and carry the package Anthony gave me up to the front porch. Opening the screen door, I reach in to ring the door bell. A few seconds later, I hear the thudding of footsteps and a burly African American man wearing a wife beater answers the door.

"Yes?" He says and then notices the small package I have tucked under my arm.

"Hey Michael, I'm here for my brother, Anthony Gonzalez. Your dealer," I add, clearing my throat awkwardly. I had to get a better hang of this.

The man nods curtly and holds up his finger. "One moment," he says and ventures back into his house. I stand out there, glancing at my surroundings, when I hear him call out gruffly, "You can come in!"

I reluctantly enter and stand a few feet away from the front door. A minute later Michael comes back out and hands me an envelope. I open it and inspect its contents. There's about three hundred dollars inside. Holy shit. I hand him the package with the drugs in it and he opens the front door back up for me. I trudge down the porch steps and walk across his lawn and briefly look back to see him just closing the screen door. My car waits at the curb and I climb back in and start it up. I take a look again at the money inside the envelope and smile a little to myself. I had just made my first deal.

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