Chapter 1: Life

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Chapter 1: Life!

Scarlet’s P.O.V
    I can hear my mum talking to me; she has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard, she sings to me every night when I go to sleep and every day when she wakes up. It is very warm where I live, inside my mum’s tummy. I can always hear everything that’s going on around her.

    Sometimes I hear her shouting other times she is upset and crying. When she cries it makes me want to cry too. I don’t like my mum being upset. I will always try to protect her when I am born if she is in trouble, I love my mum very much, and I hope she loves me too.

    My mum and dad don’t know me yet, or what I am. A boy or a girl? They want to keep it a surprise, but I know I am a baby girl. When I am born I will have fire-red hair, green eyes, the most beautiful red rosy cheeks and a winning smile, my lips with a perfect cupids bow and a few freckles along my cute nose, I hope.

    Well, my story starts when I was born. My mum and dad were deeply in love with each other. They already have a son, he is called Angel and he is four years old. My dad said he will always love us all very much.

    Thursday, 31st October 2002, 4:30 pm

    It took an hour until I was born. My mum is crying because she is in pain but also because she has a living, healthy baby girl. My dad is also crying. He has yet another child, but he is surprised, very surprised.

    I hear him say I have the rosiest cheeks he has ever laid eyes on and my eyes are like green sapphires. My dad wants to call me Rosie after my bright cheeks, whereas my mum wants to call me Scarlet after her mum, my grandmum.
    Everyone was there, I could hear them all and see them all, I’m still only a stranger to the world but I feel like I’ve been in it long before I was born. It’s like I was a trapped soul inside my mum, trying to get out, and now here I am.

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