Chapter 13

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"No Places To Go"

I can feel my hands pressing down on my stomach in a desperate attempt to keep the red liquid from flowing out freely

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I can feel my hands pressing down on my stomach in a desperate attempt to keep the red liquid from flowing out freely. Only now, the only thing that seems to be hurting is my head. I slowly open my eyes, immediately blinded by bright lights which makes the headache worsen. It takes me a few seconds to adjust to the lights and daring to look down. Surprisingly, my hands aren't covered in blood and my abdomen strangely lack a certain hole.

Letting out a relieved sigh, Alex walks into the room. "Good morning sunshine." My head is apparently hurting worse than his since he's happily munching on some bread. "You know, I don't usually let a girl sleep over. If I do she isn't wearing much and she'd be sleeping on top of me."
I run a hand through my hair, still trying to cope with the throbbing headache. "And here I thought you'd be a top guy." Seeing by how his smirk falls, I know he wasn't expecting me to say something like that. However, being the guy he is, he quickly recovers. "For you I'll be anything."
"Then be a dear and fetch me some Advil." His laugh echoes through the space-y room as he disappears to get me some painkillers.

Once he comes back, I ask him, "How come you aren't hungover?"
Lifting his shoulders in a shrug he says, "I rarely get hungover."
"Lucky bastard." I mutter under my breath, but the smile growing on his face tells me he heard it nevertheless.


We have breakfast in front of the television, watching a show I can't remember the name of.
"So what are you up to today?" Alex asks me, sounding as cheerful as ever. "All I want to do is sleep and hope this feeling isn't there, but what I need to do is call my manager to do some damage control." Honestly, I don't want to even move from this couch, but being an international star does have its cons, damage control being one of them.
"Probably a good idea, maybe I should call mine as well." He wonders out loud. I take that as a cue to look for my phone which I find on the kitchen counter.

Pressing down on the home-button of my phone, I'm flooded with calls a d text from the other band members obviously calling me back after last night. Ignoring them and pushing them in the back of my mind to worry about later such as the dream, I press down on the number registered to Kate.

"Raven." She states not sounding too pleased with me. "Hey best manager in the world."
"Flattery won't work on me this time." Well, it was worth a shot. "Fine, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get caught-"
Kate interrupts me quite abruptly, "-That is the problem Raven, you don't mean to be caught when you shouldn't even be out." On the other side of the line, I hear her sigh and I can imagine Kate rubbing her temples. A gesture she normally does when she's stressed about something.
"Look Rave," Back to nicknames, good progress. "it worked out well this time, but only because on the charity thing. If you act this irresponsible again, there will be consequences. Got it?" Kate isn't a bad person, she really isn't. It's just that with me being the reckless teenager from time to time, someone has to be the adult and think about the bigger picture. Such as my image and carrier all together. Of course having another teen to worry about at home doesn't really help her case either. Joe is great and all, but we'd be lying to ourselves if we said he wasn't a hand full.
"Got it."

I call out for Alex, "Alex?" Hearing a distant, "Yeah?" Makes me continue. "Can I use your shower?"
"Only if I can join you."
"Piss off." I walk into the living room where Alex lies on the couch with his abdomen exposed. "Is this your new seduction attempt or something?" I chuckle, watching him flex his muscles with a tooth-y grin on his face. "That depends, is it working?" Of course Alex looks like a model, but his ego is way too big to get a compliment from me. "No." I hear him yell something after me as I walk up the stairs. "Liar." And I smile even though he can't see it.


Wearing the same outfit as last night, I make my way downstairs. It doesn't surprise me that Alex hasn't moved from his original position, only now he's typing away on his phone. I creep up behind him since he hasn't seen me walk in. Looking over his shoulder, I catch a glimpse of the texts he's been sending to someone named "Nikki". I slowly whisper in his ear, "Boo." He jumps up throwing his phone up in the air in the process. I catch it before it can hit the floor. "What the hell?"

I hand him his phone and put on my shoes. "Thank you for letting me stay the night, but I have to go."

"You don't need to leave, you can stay here." I smile at Alex who's still recovering from the scare I just gave him. "I really have to go, but you can call me later today, okay?" I grab my coat and don't  wait for him to answer. I leave his place and start walking down the street, looking for a good place to be alone.

What felt like an hour walking past building after building, I finally reach a small park. I sit down on a wooden bench and allow myself to take a few deep breaths.

Before the dream from last night had the chance to invade my mind, my phone started ringing. The caller ID says it's an unknown number which I usually don't answer, but this time I choose to answer anyway.

A soft voice asks, "Are you Raven?"
"I am. Who's this?"
"Hi... It's Ruth... Ruth Locke. The girl you met yesterday-"
"-Oh right sorry. How are you Ruth?"
"I'm fine. I stayed at a hotel yesterday. Like you said I should."
"That's great. Wait... Are you still in the hotel?"
"Yeah I am. Why?"
"Can I come over?"
"Sure, I'm at the Hilton in London Centre."
"I'll be there in two. Bye."
"Bye, thank you for helping me."
"No peoblem Ruth."
"How did it go last night by the way?"
"I'll tell you in person. See you soon."

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