chapter nine - if you don't want me don't mess with my feelings..

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Alice pov,

i was overwelmed, i really was tired of being a virgin, and i was tempted to know what the big thing was about all this relationship stuff..

but i couldn't help thinking;

am i ready for this?

what if he hurts you? he even said himself he doesn't do relationships

he's a player, you of all people know that.

your better of with someone like liam.


"Eric, you need to get off me." i warned him,

"what if i don't want to?" he frowned,

"what if i don't want this, because im saying no." i argued,

"why? what the hell is your problem Alice, everyone else would jump at the chance, then theres you, your a fucking weirdo." Eric shouted.

"you wanna know why? i don't date players like you! your fucking scum, and your only gonna hurt me, you even said yourself you don't do relationships and i want a guy, who does relationships, ,and sex together who will stay fathful, because it is about love, really. And you don't understand love!" i shouted back.

how dare he call me a weirdo.

"Alice im so sorry about what i just said, i -" he began,

"- save it Eric, don't touch or talk to me, in a sexy way or anything unless your actually willing to be in relationship, i guess what im really saying is if you don't want me, don't mess with my feelings." i told him, then walked out of the house.

i can't stay in there with him, he tries this everyday, why can't he just give up already?

i went on my phone and sent a text message;

to liam:

hey um, i need the excercise and everything, so do you want to come out on a jog, i'll try not to fall into you again... x

him: sure, come by mine x

me: address?x

him: 34 kings court xxx

me: be there in a min. byee x

kings court? he's obviousy rich then...

I was wearing a pair of shorts, and just a short sleeve T-shirt, i pulled the tshirt up pulling my boobs back in properly then i walked to liams.

I got to the house, which he said was his. but i was worried that it wasnt his house.

I knocked on the door, liam answered, he was shirtless.

I paused and I stared at his perfect eight pack, his chiseled abs, this guy really was something.

"Do you wanna stop checking me out now alice?" he asked me,

I blushed, and went bright red like a tomato.

"Im only joking... come on in. i just need to finished getting changed." he told me,

I nodded.

I walked into his house,

"Hi and who might you be?" a woman asked me,

"Im alice, a friend of liams." i smiled,

"Ill leave you two while i finish getting ready then." liam interupted us,

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