28) 'You Know I'll Never Leave You'

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'Oh Lauren you look beautiful!', Mam said, as I walked into the kitchen, ready for the prom.

I had my gorgeous dress on with gold sandals, a gold necklace, and bracelet, my make-up was minimal, and my hair was loosely curled. I knew that I looked good, and it felt great!

Just then the doorbell rang.

'That must be Beau!', I said, turning to walk into the hallway.

'No wait! I'll let him in', Dad stopped me, 'You wait here.'

'Um, okay', I mumbled.

A few minutes later I heard Dad talking to Beau outside in the hall, their voices muffled by the closed kitchen door.

Walking over to the door I opened it and gasped when I saw Beau. He had looked handsome at Kurt's dad's wedding, but he looked GORGEOUS now!

'H-hey Beau', I smiled.

I watched as he slowly looked away from my father to see me, and I smiled even brighter when his eyes grew wider.

'Wow!', he said, 'Lauren you look, you look amazing!'

'Thanks!', I replied, delighted, 'You do too!'

'Come on kids', my Mam said, behind me, as I watched Beau blush slightly, 'I need to get some photos!'

'Oh God Mam!', I started to complain.

'Stop it! Come on! I'll send them to your mother too Beau', Mam said, as she pushed me over to where Beau was standing.

'Thanks Gemma', Beau smiled, as I stood beside him.

'Go on put your arm around her', Dad laughed, as Mam aimed the camera at us, 'She doesn't bite.

Beau giggled as he gently put his arm around me and I leaned into him.

'SMILE!', Mam exclaimed, and we both posed for the camera.

'Aw that's gorgeous!', Mam said, after the flash went off.

'Okay great', I replied, 'We should be going. See you guys later!'

Before my parents could say any more I grabbed Beau's hand and pulled him out the front door.

'What's the hurry?', Beau laughed, as we got in his car.

'If my mother had her way she would take a hundred more photos', I replied, rolling my eyes, 'Sorry if she embarrassed you.'

'No of course she didn't', Beau said, 'By the way, this is for you.'

With that he handed me a box with a navy corsage inside.

'Oh Beau it's gorgeous!', I gasped, 'You didn't have to get me this!'

'Of course I did!', Beau replied, as he started to drive, 'I want this night to be special for you Lauren.'

We got to the school ten minutes later, and Beau was the perfect gent as he opened the door for me and held out his hand to help me out.

'Are you ready?', he asked, when we were both out of the car.

'Yep!', I smiled, 'Lets go!'

As we walked towards the school I kept tripping in my new shoes, mainly because I had never worn them before.

Before I could complain about it though, I felt Beau out his hand in mine to help me walk.

As we strolled into the gym, hand in hand, I gasped. It looked amazing with balloons and banners strung everywhere. 

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