18. Luhan Imagine

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Luhan imagine requested by @Graciemato <3 Hope you enjoy!

You're just laying on your bed. Feeling a little sad because you haven't been hanging out with your bestfriend, Luhan eventhough he's in Beijing because he has a very packed schedule.You have feelings for Luhan but Luhan doesn't seem to be feeling the same as you. He has feelings for the new sm rookies girl member named Wendy.

Well, no doubt Wendy is the prettiest creature alive but unfortunately, Luhan can't date a girl from the same company. Fortunate for you :D

Luhan once told you that he wanted to confess to her but he got to know Wendy already has a boyfriend. So he was kind of taken aback.

He was really devastated back then.

Luhan told you everything that happened about wendy etc. From your p.o.v, he really likes Wendy with all his heart. Luhan told you every little thing she does that atracts him.

Your heart felt like tearing to pieces but you still tell him to try harder next time and give him advices about girls because all you want is Luhan being happy.

* Ding Ding *

You got a nottification.

You unlock your phone and you got a nottification from Kakao Talk.

You quickly open the app because only Luhan Kakao Talk with you.

' Meet me at the usual Starbucks around 3 today. :) I got some free time '

You eagerly replied him, ' Okay ! :) '

You're so happy and changed your clothes.


You arrived at Starbucks and searched for Luhan. As your eyes turned to the right side of the cafe, you saw Luhan.

He saw you as well, he got up and hugged you.

Surprised, you hugged him back. Don't wanna spoil the moment.

I miss you, he said.

I miss you too, you replied.

You guys chatted and suddenly, Luhan took his hand hand wrapped it with yours.

I'm sorry that I didn't know your feelings for me, he said while looking right into your dark blue eyes.

What are you talking about?, you asked him in curiousity.


There's only one person that knows you like Luhan.

It's Sehun, Luhan's bestfriend.

You've been telling everything to Sehun ; how you feel about Luhan and Wendy etc.


Sehun told me everything, -____, he said.

T-tell you what Luhan?, you asked, you voice was trembling.


I know you like me so please-_____.

Sehun could've lied, you replied.

Wanna know what Sehun said?, he asked,

You just nodded.

Sehun said ' Please don't break -____'s heart. She likes you a lot. If you don't like her, just please stop telling her about you and Wendy. Y'know, her hearts breaks everytime you tell her about you guys.

Your tears drop and Luhan came to you and wipe your tears you you.

You pushed his hands away and said " It's okay Luhan. Just ignore me. Forget what Sehun said to you, okay? I just want you to be happy. "

You got up and walked outside.

Luhan chased you and pulled you in his arms.

You cried even harder.

He let go of you and said, " Why did you run? I like you too, -_____. "

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