Surprises at Carrie's!

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I walked inside her door, and my jaw dropped! This place was nicer then that suite that I got to stay in for my choir trip to LA! The first thing that I noticed was the floors were clear! There was flowing water under the clear floorboards! The floors were lighted, so you could see the water underneath!

She showed me around the rest of her place. Like said before, this place is AMAZING! But the room that I feel in love with the most, was the studio room! She had her own studio and recording system inside her temporary apartment! One wall of the studio was packed with CD's. Any artist or band that you could possible think of, was up on that wall! Every album too!

She showed me how to run the sound system, and when she was showing me, she asked if I wanted to sing a few notes into the mic to see what my voice sounded like!

I've never heard what my voice sounded like. I mean. I absolutely love to sing! I'm not bad at it, I just have never heard my actual voice before. I hate what I sound like on a camera, I hope this sounds better, and different!

"Carrie, will you sing with me?" I asked. "Sure!" She answered.

She told me to grab a CD of the shelf, and pop it into the player. I found Carrie's newest album "Blown Away". She smiled at the choice I made,

She showed me where to put the CD into the system, and she handed me the big black headphones. The headphones were already plugged in, they looked like DJ headphones!

Carrie said, "Alright Melissa, the play button is here, and the red recording button is here. Just hit them both at about the same time whenever you are ready!"

"Thanks Carrie! But first, would you mind singing with me?" I asked with a gentle smile.

"Oh not at all!" She answered.

Carrie found another set of headphones that were gray, and plugged it in.

She said, "Whenever you're ready!"

My headphones were on, I cleared my throat, and I stood up straight. I was ready to start singing and I couldn't believe that I am about to sing with one of my favorite celebrities, to one of my favorite songs that was sung by Carrie!

I pushed play and record at the same time, and the first chords of "Good Girl" came through the headset! I can't believe this is happening!

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