Without me

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Everyone has felt jealousy in their lives. But this is a different type of jealousy.

It's like when your friends are hanging out and your not their and you were never invited. Some people might be reading this book saying to themselves "Stella you've done that to me many times" but truth is, it wasn't my fault. I would have invited you, if it was my house or idea. I'm sorry if I'm at Payton's house and you're not invited. It not my fault don't fricken get mad at me.

It's a different story if I have people over at my house and you're not invited. Like I would have invited you if I could have invited more people. Something like that actually happened last year. I had a birthday party/sleepover with all my friends and it was horrible because I invited people i actually do not like and I didn't invite 2 of my best friends who I have known my whole life. I know one of you are reading this and I'm so sorry. I'll never do that again.

It's kinda worse when they have a party. That happened to me this year not too long again actually. Charlotte had a party without me and she decided to invite all of my friends and not me. Payton, Tessa, Jackie, Quinn and some others that you don't know. Although some didn't go they all still talked about it. I was in a group with Quinn, Jackie, Tessa and Charlotte and Quinn asked me if I was going. I knew what they were talking about and suddenly everything became quiet and Charlotte quickly ran away. I never told anyone how sad and left out I felt after that I didn't even tell Rosie. The worst part was when I said I wasn't invited and Quinn just looked down and went over to Charlotte. I'm pretty sure none of them noticed how sad I was because I'm pretty good at hiding my emotions when I want to.

Of course Payton never sees anyone's emotions unless they're crying. She's not good with those things. It's kinda like she only cares about herself, always trying to steal the spotlight. But of course no one notices what they do because were in grade 7.

I know it'll get worse when I move. All my friends will have party's and not invite me because I live in the states now. I guess this is where I figure out who my true friends are.

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