Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

I open the back door and step into the mud room after getting home from a long day at school. There was only one week left in the third quarter which means that I only have five days to get my English grade up from a D plus to a C. To make matters worse, Ms. Morello told our class today that she wasn't planning on giving us another test on the last week of the quarter, meaning that I was essentially fucked. No doubt my mom was gonna murder me if she saw my final grade. Normally, I would just not show her my report card and if she asked I would lie to her and say I got a B. But if there's one thing my mom does in fact care about besides her work, it's my grades. If she already knows that I'm failing a class she's sure as hell not going to forget to pester me about it and make sure that I do everything humanly possible to get that grade up.

Another reason why I'm totally screwed is because I was planning on asking her when she got home if I could go with Daniel to Miami over spring break. Of course, I was hoping that she would say yes and not care enough to ask if she could meet him. Hell, I told my mom about Asher a few months after we started dating and she never even asked to meet him until I went with him to homecoming that fall of sophomore year. I therefore assumed that she would show the same disinterest towards meeting Daniel. All I had to do was make some kind of deal with Ms. Morello to help me get my English grade up and then I would be set to go to Miami without the risk of punishment. If worse comes to worse I could always tell my mom that I'll be going with Lizzie's family on their vacation to San Francisco. That is, if Lizzie will be willing to cover for me. I'll just have to hope that my mom will be in a good mood when she gets home from work.

At around eight o' clock that night, I hear the front door open as I'm coming out of the bathroom. I just took my shower and I'm wringing out my blonde hair with a towel when I walk down the hallway to greet her.

"Hey, mom," I say cheerily, "how was your day?"

"Oh, it was fine," she replies without looking at me. She's too busy looking at something on her cell phone.

"I made you some dinner," I tell her.

She finally looks up at me and gives me a little close mouthed smile. "Thanks, honey, but you really didn't have to do that," she says.

"No, I don't mind at all," I say.

"Well, I am starved," she says, walking down the hallway and entering the kitchen. "Wow, Nora!" She exclaims.

I walk in the kitchen behind her and see that's she's discovered the set up I made for the both of us. I had held off on my own dinner until she got home so we could eat together. I even set the table and made some pasta with marinara sauce and baked some garlic bread to go with it. The silverware rests on top of the neatly folded napkins and in the center of the table I placed a small vase of purple orchids as the finishing touch.

"Ta da!" I say, doing jazz hands.

Mom laughs and puts her hands over her mouth and says, "I can't believe you took the time to make all this for us!"

"It was no big deal, I mean, I make myself dinner every night," I say, and I then realize how accusatory I sounded towards her. Whoops.

Thankfully, she's too happy to notice my rude comment and pulls out a chair to sit down.

"Well, c'mon," she says, "I bet your just as starving as I am!"

I go to sit down at the seat across from her and watch her place her napkin on her lap.

"This really is wonderful, Nora," she gushes, "thank you again for putting all of this together."

I smile at her. "You deserve it, Mom," I say. I was really bringing on the charm. But it was all a part of my plan.

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