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My veins are blue rivers

Yours are downward streams

I've kissed your scarred waters

Every night in my dreams

And I keep wondering to myself

How do you even sleep

How do you even eat

You just sit in your room

Week upon week

And you're sad

You're alone

Every time I come over

You say to go on home

But I won't keep running

This time I'm sure

I'll stay next to your window until reality's a blur

You need to be okay

You need to get better

I love you my baby

That's why I'm writing this letter

So your water is dark red

And your skies are grey

You've lost control of your life

Baby this ain't the way

Heaven and hell

We live in the middle

Baby open your eyes

Baby just a little

And take some time to realize

That you are an ocean

You're not a simple stream

You're only human

And you're good enough to me

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