Chapter 11

Taylor and Alyssa looked at Robert’s body.

“You.” Alyssa said taking a step towards Taylor. “Robert is dead because of you.”

“No, he’s dead because of you.” Taylor said as Alyssa took another step closer.

“I’m going to kill you.” Alyssa said taking another step closer to Taylor. Taylor backed up and ran into the wall.

“The cops are going to figure out it was you.” Taylor said.

“No, no they’re not; I’m going to delete the footage.” Alyssa said.

“And what, stab yourself?” Taylor asked Alyssa.

“Yes.” Alyssa said proud of herself.

“Okay Jill, whatever you say. Taylor said. Alyssa was about to say something else when Taylor spoke again. “Why?” Alyssa shook her head.

“Taylor, always needing a reason, well here are multiple reasons for you. Phil, I hated him with all my heart. Madison, she stole Adam from me, and she was trying to do the same thing with Robert. Real friends don’t do that. Elizabeth, well, she’s just plain stupid. We could get rid of some stupid people, so I did. Jason, he broke up with me, so he could date you. Adam, he cheated on me with some college girl. Robert, he wasn’t supposed to die; we were going to kill together, forever. And you Taylor, you’re so ungrateful. You have something I don’t, a family.

“You have a family Alyssa.”

“I’m adopted; they don’t really care about me.” Alyssa said putting the gun under Taylor’s chin. “And now it’s time for you to say goodbye.” Alyssa said before pulling the trigger. Taylor tensed, as Alyssa pulled the trigger again, only to find Alyssa had no bullets left.

Taylor blinked and pushed Alyssa off of her. Taylor quickly ran up the stairs. She went into the kitchen and grabbed a butcher’s knife. Once Taylor grabbed the knife she turned around only to find Alyssa across the room. Taylor ran to a wall, and Alyssa ran to the other side. As Alyssa was reaching for Taylor, Taylor grabbed Alyssa’s arm, and rammed Alyssa into the wall twice. Alyssa fell to the ground. Taylor ran up the stairs because the patio door was close to Alyssa, and the front door was far away.

Taylor looked around the upstairs. She quickly ran to the bathroom. She opened the door and locked it. Taylor didn’t hide in the bathroom. Instead she ran to Alyssa’s parent’s room. Alyssa walked up the stairs as Taylor opened the window. Before she closed the window she heard banging on the bathroom door. Taylor quickly called the cops. Taylor must have shut the window loudly because in a matter of seconds after Taylor hung up the phone Alyssa was on roof. Alyssa quickly tackled Taylor, and Taylor fell hard. Taylor still had the knife clutched in her hand. Taylor quickly stabbed Alyssa in the back, and Alyssa hissed in pain. Just as the cops showed up Taylor pushed Alyssa off the roof. Taylor sighed in relief. But then it hit her, she had just killed her bestfriend.


In case you didn't know the Jill refernce is from Scream 4.

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