Dreams become Reality

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My heart raced almost ten times faster, and not by the fact of he was my mate but his voice. it was so deep, so filled with lust. His hands around me made goose bumps to rise in my skin. "Your name doll?" he purred against my ear. God that could drive me insane.
"A-Amelia" I stuttered from the chuckle he made.
"It's nice to finally meet you, Amelia. My name is Kane"
Kane. The name was music to my ears. The way he said it, rolling off his tongue. It was perfect.
"Nice meet you, Kane." I said softly, I was surprised I could actually find words. It really was nice to meet my mate. My stomach warmed as his breath touched my skin.
"Good to hear. your class?"
"same here." he said before dragging me along, his arm around my waist.


Once class was over Kelly was waiting with Bruce outside the classroom. Kane, was right behind me. Kelly looked at him, grinning. "You must be Amy's mate." she said softly though she had the biggest grin ever. "I'm kelly"
Kelly nodded before looking at me. "Amy, are we heading out to lunch now"
I nodded. "Where do you wanna go?"
"We could go to the grill, it's always good there" she said with a smile that always made he grin.
"Alright" I said before I felt a tight grip in my waist. I looked back to see Kane, staring down at me. "Are you going to come with us?" I asked.
Kane shook his head. "I can't, I have things to do."
I nodded softly.
"I'll be here when you get back, don't take to long." he said before pulling me against him. His scent even thicker. He placed a gentle kiss to my head and I swear I was going to giggle. he pulled away, his touch dragging along.

I watched him walk away, everything was mumbled and mushed and I could only find my eyes looked on him. My god...I thought to myself...this was my mate, the hottest guy in school, a guy who could have any girl he pleased in a matter of seconds. and I had him. I could feel my wolf jumping, wanting to run at him and going to his back, to nuzzle against him and never let go.


I could hear him calling my name, so thick as it rolled off his tongue.


Could he possibly feel my wolf growling and trying to get through to him.

"AMY!" there was a smack in the back of my head. I instantly snapped out of thought and turned to see Kelly and Bruce staring at me. "She's alive!" Bruce joked as Kelly flicked his nose
"Amy let's go" she said softly before I nodded, turned and followed her.

After our grill lunch and long chatting we finally got back to the school. "What if he is a liar, or a cheat" Kelly questioned.
"He is not"
"But if he is..."
There was silence for a bit. Kane couldn't have been a cheater, he looked to loyal for that. "He's not"
"How do you know?"
I hesitated. I didn't know, but I trusted him enough that he wouldn't do such a thing.

We turned the corner to see Kane, a girl was clinging to his arm as he glared at her. She rolled her eyes before she kissed his cheek. I literally felt my heart drop from my chest. I didn't question anything I just turned and walked away. Kelly continued to watch before she looked back at me. "Amy!" She said running up behind me. "Amy stop!!" I whipped to face her tears streaming in my eyes.
"It's not what you think?"
"Really," I snapped. "I don't see my mate attached to another girl?" I said softly trying to calm myself. stupid slut bitches!
"No, it's Amber, the stupid head cheerleader. She's trying to get him with charm but he's not falling for her. You need to march over there and claim your man!" She said before pushing me.
I stumbled forwards, seeing Bruce smirk at me. "You can do this Amy, have faith, and crush her." he said chuckling.
I turned the corner to see them, Kane being mauled by that prissy little flower. I walked over, smiling at Kane before stepping between them.
Amber cooked her head and gasped. "Excuse me, but what do you think you're doing?" I smelt the air, the same earth smell with a hint of bitch. I turned to face her smiling. "Oh sorry amber, I didn't see you,  I guess I should have," i said as she smiled. "Cause how big your bloody head is!"
I heard Kane chuckle.
"Wow Amelia, trying to get all the guys,....slut" she purred before walking away. My beast growled, and I went to lunge at her but a pair of hands stopped me. I was trapped against a chest before a pair of lips met my neck.
"Such a feisty one you are" Kane purred against my skin. "But I thank you for getting rid of her. She was pissing me off." I smiled at his words before I looked forward to see Kelly passing amber she mumbled something that made her look back.
"Excuse me!?"
"You heard me" Kelly laughed before she stopped in front of us. "I do apologize for her, she's what Bruce, Amy, and I call the schools slut case" she laughed.
Kane nodded before he smiled. "I'll remember that" he said before pulling away slightly. "I have to go, but I'll see you later." he purred against my ear before gently kissing my cheek before he walked away.

I looked at Kelly and cooked my head. "Somethings off."

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