A weird discovery

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The turbulence shook the plane as it flew, the soft sound of the music flowed through the headphones into my ears. For me, the plane ride was relaxing. But for others, like the lady behind me who was breathing deeply and who was muttering that planes weren't safe, I'm guessing that it wasn't.

I had felt the need to fly to my grandmothers home as soon as I had heard that she  had passed away. It was unexpected to say the least, less than a month ago I was planning to visit her but I had to cancel due to a problem at work. I regret cancelling now, that would have been my last chance to see her, and she might have had some companionship before she passed away.

I shook these thought out of my head, it was sad. But grandmother had always said that dwelling on the past wouldn't change anything.

I leaned back in the seat and waited for the plane to land.


When the plane finally landed, the woman who had been muttering to herself jumped up and was the first person off. Everyone else began getting up aswell, I decided to wait for a couple of minutes until everyone else was off, to avoid being pushed and bumping into others.

Soon, I was the only person left. I got up, book and phone in hand and I walked off the plane.

I got my luggage and then went to the cab who was waiting to take me to grandmothers house.

I told him the address and he nodded and began driving.

I opened my book and began reading. I always thought that the best way to relax was listening  to music while reading a book. Sadly, not everyone shared my view.

I looked up from my book and out the window.

We were driving down a narrow path, trees all around us, the trees were tall and old. I remembered running through this forest when I was younger. I smile at the memories. The figure of a deer ran behind the trees.

I smiled as I took in the scenery, grandmother always had said that she wanted to live somewhere quiet, she had never liked noise.and refused to live in the city.

My grandmother had a huge effect on  my life. She took me in when my parents died, she began raising me the age of four. She showed me the beauty in classical music, and the beauty of books. When I had gone to school, all the other kids thought I was weird because of my extensive grammar and my love of books. I was content by myself though, while all the other kids played with each other, I was reading and writing. I sometimes wish I had a friend or two but I don't regret spending my time as I did when I was a child.

At the age of twenty two I decided to move out. Now here I am, two years later, at the place where I had grown up.

The driver turned down a path and a house came into view.

He parked in front of the house and I gave him the money due. He drove away, leaving me by myself.

I turned around and faced the house. I walked to the front porch and opened the door.

I looked around the room. Everything looked the same as it had when I left. Grandmother had never liked mess and because of the way I grew up, neither did I.

I looked around the house, the pictures that hung on the wall. Everything was covered with a thin layer of dust.

Memories from my childhood flooding back.

I walked up the stairs, they creaked as I took every step.

I reached the top of the stairs, I looked around the hallway that I stood in. I walked toward the door that my belonged to my room.

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