Chapter 10

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My eyes opened slowly and I blinked as sun was covering my whole room. I glared at the brightness and sat up on my bed. I yawned, picking up my phone. I stared at it before jumping up. How could I sleep through my alarm?

I quickly changed into light blue jeans and a Never Shout Never band shirt. I walked into my mirror and groaned at my reflection. Quickly washing my face and brushing my teeth, my makeup was put on in a rush. I slipped my shoes on, running downstairs.

I ran out of my house but came to a full stop when I saw Michael leaning against a black car in my driveway.

"What are you doing here?" I asked confused.

He looked up at me and released a sigh of relief. "Oh thank god. I was starting to think you'd already left."

"Oh, okay." I said slowly. I was still confused on why he was here and my chest rose with panic because I was definitely going to be late to school and have to back out of my plans with Ana if I didn't leave now.

His face flushed and I raised an eyebrow. "I actually just wanted to know if you needed a ride."

I blinked. "Oh. Actually-"

He cut me off quickly, his face now really red. I wanted to laugh but decided not to. "That's not what I was trying to say. I came to give you a ride to school."

"You know I have a car, right?" I asked, deciding to tease him.

He pouted, the embarrassed look never leaving his face. "Stop being difficult."

"Yeah alright, thanks." I bit my lip and sat myself in the passenger side of his car. This was really weird.

I pulled out my phone texting Ana a quick apology and told her that I couldn't make it because I was running late but Michael was giving me a ride.

From: Ana: Weird. I'm glad you won't be late but what about that Emily girl?

Where was Emily? Remembering Emily, I felt both guilty and powerful. Emily was supposed to be with Michael right now, but instead he was picking me up. I never liked her anyways, and I kind of wanted to see how she'd react when Michael wasn't talking to her all day but with me.


I was wrong, joke's on me.

Michael didn't talk to me all day at all. After arriving at school, he went right back to practically being Emily's doormat and I kind of wanted to gag.

Everytime we did partner work in Spanish he just gave me short answers and once we completely finished, it was back to Emily, Emily, Emily.

At lunch, Ana sat down by me instead of Ashton.

"What's up with Emily and Michael?" she whispered, staring at them in their seats across the lunchroom.

"Beats me. He hasn't told me anything about them, but It's pretty sure they're dating." I whispered back, looking away from them when Michael looked up.

"Yeah, who knew. She didn't come off as his type. Do you think they've gone pretty far already?" She asked wiggling her eyebrows at me.

I gulped. I didn't know nor did I want to know if they had already gone far. All I knew was that we had gone far and even thinking of admitting that to Ana made me want to hide under a rock.


After school once the bell rang, I got a text from Michael.

From: Michael: Meet me by my car, I'll be there soon.

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