Chapter 9

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Lola's POV:

He was hiding something I could tell by the look in his eye see we're just friends nothing more, yeah he was my first kiss but we're just friends. I climbed down from the tree as Niall followed me we both walked back into the house where all the boys were sitting. They were all mucking about and didn't realise we were standing there until I threw a pillow at louis, he would've thought it me hanging around joking with one direction!!

"Oww that hurt." Louis said as he come over to me and tickled me.

"Get off." I said in fits of laughter.

"Niall you over your little paddy now."I heard harry say.

"Do one " I heard Niall reply.

Why's Niall getting so protective over me I just don't understand. I've known him forever it just wouldn't be right if we you know we're together. But that kiss sent sparks everywhere maybe he just didn't want me to have anyone else but he didn't want me. I wouldn't do this if he was dating my bestfriend. I sat down of the sofa in a very deep thought until my phone started ringing not looking at the caller i picked it up and walked out side.

"Hey Lola I'm going shopping for dinner do you wanna come and I'll pick you up on the way." Dad said

"Yes." I needed to get out if here there was too much tension. I ended the call with dad and went to say bye to the boys. Liam hugged me aswell as zayn, but louis kissed the corner of my mouth, Harry kissed my cheek and Niall kissed my forehead. They all shouted bye as I walked out the house. Wait why did Harry kiss my cheek why didn't he just hug me like Liam and zayn. I jumped into the car as dad pulled up and we were on our way to tesco.

Harry's POV:

Wow Lola was stunning I'm so glad Niall let us meet her but whys he getting his knickers in a twist throughout the whole tour he told us oh we're just friends or after every skype call we're just friends. Louis asking Lola out on a date on the first day they met what the hell? He could've taken things slow. But there was one thing on my mind why did I kiss Lola on the cheek, why didn't I just hug her like zayn and Liam I've probably got her so confused I felt so guilty to me it was nothing but to her I don't know... I'm not ready for a relationship I don't wanna settle down I'm not ready for a commitment yeah I'm 20 but there's so many beautiful women I wouldn't know now to pick. Wait now I'm just being selfish.



Hey Lola look earlier when I kissed you on the cheek it didn't mean anything it was just a friendly gesture I just don't want you thinking that I like you, you have enough going on with Niall and louis.

To: Harry


Hey Harry, I didn't think it meant anything I just put it past me I just don't understand why Niall is reacting like he is he's never said anything before apart from we're just friends.


From: Harry

He's never said anything to us boys before either and he tells us everything. Look I better go but I think louis really likes you too but bye gotta go get some food.

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