Kimberley P.O.V.

I passed the security and Paul left. I quickly got to the gate of my plane, which should leave in about 30 minutes. I handed my passport and my plane ticket to the lady and she quickly gave them back to me and let me in. I walked to my seat, and sat down. I shove my headphones on my head, and plugged them in my Iphone. I pressed shuffle, and I fell asleep as the plane got into the sky.


I woke up because of someone poking my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see a cute little girl standing there. She had short ginger hair and cute little freckles on her nose. I put my headphones in my neck and looked at her.

“What can I do for you sweetie?” I asked with a smile.

“I lost my mama.” She said, with her teary eyes.

“C’mon, let’s find mama.” I said, standing up and holding her over my hip.

I was in the VIP section of the plane and I was alone. We exited the room. Kara (the little girl) and I went through the affair section, no mama. I then passed the door separating this section from the economic section. Kara started to move in my arms.

“Do you see your mama?” I asked.

“Yes, mama is there.” She said pointing me a red-headed woman looking worried.

She was talking with a guy around my age. He had blue eyes, and looked as worried as the woman. I quickly walked their way.

“Sorry ma’am.” I said, poking her shoulder.

She quickly turned and looked at me. Her face relaxed when she saw Kara in my arms.

“Kara baby, where were you?” She asked her as I handed Kara to her.

“She was in the VIP section.”I explained.

“How did she get there?” She asked.

“No idea.” I said.

“Anyway, thanks. I’m Kara’s mother, my name is Beatrice Smith.” She said helding her hand out for me to shake.

I did so and told her my name.

“I’m Kimberley-Jayla R.Bieber.” I said. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too. This is Kara’s brother, Kai.” She said pointing me the cute guy I saw earlier.

He lift is head up from his phone and looked up at me for the first time. His eyes grew wide.

“Wait aren’t you one of the boy band’ member’s girlfriend.” He asked.

“Not exactly.” I said.

He nodded. I then saw that Beatrice looked stuck on the seat she was on. There was not much place for the 3 of them.

“You know what, why don’t you all come with me in the VIP section. I’m alone and there’s a lot of place.” I invited them.

Beatrice’s eyes grew wide.

“You’re sure?” She asked.

“Yeah, c’mon, follow me.” I said, picking up Kara on my hip. Kai and Beatrice stood up and grabbed their hand-luggage and followed me. As we arrived to the door separating the affair section and the VIP section, a woman stopped us.

“You can go in, they can’t.” She simply said.

“Why? It’s empty. Look, if you don’t let all of us go in there, I will never deal again with your company; neither will my brother, neither will anyone that I know of. And I know a lot of people. I will even say that it’s because of a certain… Lily. Which is you… right?” I asked. 

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