Chapter Twenty-Nine

A New Roommate

**Lailah's POV**


The loud pounding of the dorm door awoke me from my deep dreamless sleep. Stoping myself from falling out of the bed, I sat up reaching over to turn my beside table light on. Colette was lying snuggled up in the top bunk fast asleep, I checked the time and realized it was the middle of the night


Who is that?

"Colette!" I hissed over to her hoping to wake her up

No response

I sighed pushing the covers aside and got out of my bed to walk to Colette's bunk bed.

"Colette" I said prodding her cheek

"Hmm" Colette stirred but didn't wake

"Colette get up!" I demanded

"What?" She mumbled sleepily opening one eye to give me an annoyed look

"There's someone at the-"


"What's that?" She said siting up her hair a complete state as she stared at the door in confusion

"I don't know,come on" I said urgently pulling at her hand

"Alright, fine!" Colette grumbled climbing out of her bunk

We made our way carefully over to the door and I got hold of the handle to open it up.

The door swung open to reveal the most unlikely characters, to be at our doorstep in the middle of the night

"Miss Piersay?" Colette questioned

Standing in front of us was indeed our headmistress and as intriguing it was to see Miss Piersay out of her usual formal attire my eyes were pulled to the girl standing next to her. She was slim, ivory skinned with dark hair and I recognized her straight away.

"Colette, Lailah" Miss Piersay nodded "meet you're new roommate, your Royal Highness Abigail Waters"

Colette pinched my side and we shared a look

"Sorry to wake you at this late time" Abigail said with a slight smile

"Um ..." Colette mumbled out staring at Abigail as if she wasn't a real person, while I just stayed silent

"Please, why don't you go make yourself settled your highness?" Miss Piersay flushed "while I have a small chat with your new roommates"

Abigail nodded walking through me and Colette into our dorm room as behind her walked a rugged student holding her luggage

"Henry?" Colette said from beside me

It was Henry ...

"Oh hey Colette" He blushed and nodded to me

I smiled back before giving him Colette an odd look

"Come with me girls" Miss Piersay said gesturing for us to join her outside

We joined her outside the dorm room and I closed the door behind us after Miss Piersay told me to

What was this all about?

Why was her Royal Highness moving into our dorm room? I mean surely she finished school centuries ago ...

"Now girls" Miss Piersay started "as you just found out, her Royal highness will be joining our school and will be staying with you two high achieving students this year"

High achieving? Bullsh*t

"Abigail has requested to be treated just like any other student in our school" She continued "and as her wishes we will perform, so please I want you two to be on your best behavior, command to any of Abigail's wishes and treat her with the utmost respect"

Pfft and that's treating her like any other regular student is it?

We both agreed anyway with a nod of our heads. Henry then stumbled out of our dorm looking as red as ever

"Come along Henry" Miss Piersay called to him like he was a pet dog and not a human

"See you Henry" Colette said slowly giving him a questionable look

He just shrugged about to open his mouth when Miss Piersay called from him again and he ran after her

Colette and I both entered the dorm room and found Abigail on the top bunk unpacking her suitcase and where Colette's belongings lay on the ground in a messy pile

Colette gave me a pained look and I know she wasn't about to say anything.

I sighed knowing it's all down to me

"Hey" I spoke glaring up at Abigail

She stared down at me for a second "yes?"

"Your beds here" I said pointing to the bottom bunk "that bed is Colette's"

Abigail looked down for a second searching round the bed as if she had lost something

"What are you doing?" Colette asked

"Looking for a name tag that says, ownership of Colette's, but no I can't find it anywhere" She said in mock shock "looks like it's not yours after all"

I rolled my eyes "step down Princess you're out of your debts here"

"Oh really?" she laughed "your cute Honey but I've think you've forgotten who's the Vampire here"

I snorted folding my arms in annoyance "You don't scare me"

"No?" Abigail asked raising an eyebrow before descending her way down from the top bunk and only stoping until she's a few steps away from me "we'll see how scared you are bleeding to death on the floor, because that's what going to happen if you keep talking to me like that"

I was about to quip back with a witty remark when Colette's steps in "look it doesn't matter, you can have the bed"

I send Colette a furious look but she equally returns with a 'are you crazy?' look

I sigh taking a step back giving a final glare to Abigail before walking over to my bed

"Oh and Laila" Abigail spoke turning to me with a curious look her eyes dropping to my neck "do you always wear a scarf to bed?"

I ignore her sending Colette a look before getting into bed.

Sharing a dorm with a Princess is sure going to be hard ...


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