Tears won't fall from my eyes

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I got home and felt sick, I ran upstairs and threw up.
I wondered why I felt so uneasy.
I thought nothing of it then fell asleep.

I woke up earlier then usual, I needed to throw up again.
I got to college on time and for the first time everyone looked normal, no one was feeling sorry for me and everything was normal again, even though he dumped me.

The week went on swiftly and it pulled up to Friday. Science room, I walked in and was greeted by Mr Stevens as I walked past him I fainted. It wasn't because he was so hot.
I woke up to find myself in hospital. My mother beside me in agony.
"What happened to me"
"Babe why didn't u tell me"
"Tell u what mum"
"Your pregnant"
"What, is that why I'm here? Is that why i had morning sickness?"
I started to weep and surprisingly had mum comforting me.
I guess I wasn't as careful as I could have been, I couldn't believe that I was having Jacks baby.

I needed an abortion, I didn't wanna be known as that 16 and pregnant girl that got fucked and chucked.

I looked up to see my three friends holding a large bouquet of flowers.
Mum left us alone to talk.
"Guys, I'm pregnant"
"What, I'm so sorry, that bastard," Stacey shouted.
"I'm gonna abort the baby, but Jack has not got to know, he will never find out!"

We all sat together for about an hour then they left and I knew I definitely couldn't hold back the tears of disappointment, shame, glory, upset and misery.

I was gonna abort the baby as soon as I was out if hospital.

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