Chapter 2

Luke POV

After three days of being in the hospital I was aloud to finally go home. I felt so much better now, and I'm glad I have the love of my life to help me. Alex walks into the bedroom and ask me

"Do you need anything babe?"

"Nothing, except you!"

As I wink at her. She comes over to me and I pat the bed space next to me motioning for her to lay down. As soon as she climbs under the sheets I grab her waist and bring her to me. I know she's tired because she's been helping me out so much lately.

We just lay there and cuddle as she puts her head on my chest and I tell her to get some sleep. So she does, she falls right asleep.

Alex POV

I remember falling asleep on Luke's chest cuddling with him. But I'm not anymore, I smell something good! I get off the bed and change into some baggy sweatpants cause I'm freezing. As I walk down stairs I see Luke standing at the kitchen stove flipping pancakes.

He doesn't know that I'm standing right behind him until I say

"Something sure does smell good!"

He looks behind him and says "Well hello sleeping beauty, and yes I just thought I would make something to eat."

"Well thanks babe" I say as I give him a little smile. He puts two plates down on the table with pancakes, bacon, and some coffee. I walk over to the counter where he's standing as he locks his arms around my waist. I grab him by his neck and pull him to me to kiss him on his lips, as I tell him "I love you".

He says "I love you too, baby girl"

We walk over to the table and he pulls my chair out for me so I can sit down. We start eating and it's so good but were missing one thing!

"Strawberries and whip cream for the pancakes!" I say out loud pretty much screaming!

I run over to the fridge and pull out the bowl of strawberries that I smushed up a few nights ago to make strawberry shortcake! And then I look over the whole fridge for the whip cream until I find it behind everything!

So finally I sit back down beside Luke and put the strawberries and whip cream on my pancakes. I ask Luke "Do you want any, babe?"

He says "No thanks, baby girl"

So I start eating and finish about the same time Luke does. I'm full now and I don't know about Luke but I want to go back to bed considering it's 8:47 p.m!

I grab Luke's hand and pull him into a tight huge and tell him thank you. I say "Go upstairs, I'll be up in a little bit I'm just going to do the dishes".

"Okay babe, I'll be in bed waiting for you to cuddle" as he winks at me.

I start doing the dishes there was only a few plates and folks from today. So I got some with the dishes in about 15 minutes as I head up stairs.

I find that Luke's not in bed, he must be in the shower. I walk to the bathroom and find him wrapped in a towel singing!

He's singing Country girl shake it for me!

As I start to laugh at his dance moves he starts doing. He turns around and starts laughing with me then starts singing to me.

Do I turn you on at all when I kiss

you baby, does the sound of me

wanting you drive you crazy!

Luke POV

Me and Alex ate some breakfast for dinner that I made. She told me she was gonna do the dishes so, I went up stairs and got in the shower. I felt I needed to take one because I hadn't in two days!

I was done in the shower now and wrapped in a towel at me waist. I was singing one of my all time favorites Country girl shake it for me!

I start dancing in the mirror when I heard Alex laughing at me. I started laughing with her then walked over to her and started singing Do I to her. She just smiled and started blushing, she looked so cute when she blushed!

I walk over to my closet and pull out some boxer shorts and slip them on. Alex is in sweatpants I think there mine as I think to myself! I ask her

"Babe are you cold?"

"Yes I am freezing!" She says back.

I look at her and smile "I'll go turn the hair down, baby"

I walk down the hall to turn down the air and turn off the lights while I'm at it. I walk back up stairs and see that Alex is now bed, I also see that the sweatpants are on the floor next to the bed!

I climb into bed next to Alex and she looks at me so I put my arms out wide for her permission to cuddle! She smiles and gets closer to me as I wrap my arms around her and kiss her forehead. I tell her goodnight, and I love you.

She's says goodnight babe, I love you too <3

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