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Black Star's POV

It's been three weeks since those bastards kidnapped Kira. No one's done anything, and nothing's happening. Kid's about ready to go insane, and everyone's worried sick about him, even me.

I can't sit back anymore and wait for someone to step up and do something. The Death Scythes are all here, and they haven't even discussed saving Kira! How rediculous is that?

"... moral machine will change everything. We have to destroy it!" Sid?

I pressed myself against the wall, listening to Sid's conversation silently.

"I agree. We should talk to Lord Death about this." Nygus replied. Sid grunted. "This will require going to Baba Yaga castle, Nygus. It's going to be pretty dangerous." There was a pause before Nygus replied, "I know." They walked away.

All they cared about was that stupid machine! What about Kira! I would have to do something about this. But, unfortunately, I was going to need some help.


I knocked harshly on Soul's door. "Come on, come on!" I mumbled to myself. Tsubaki wasn't here, but I'd definitely be taking her with me.

Of all the people in the Academy, I trusted Tsubaki and Soul the most. Tsubaki was my Weapon, and we could obviously accomplish anything together. Soul's my best friend, and, with him, I knew getting Kira back would be easy.

I couldn't bring Kid. No, he'd flip and screw something up, he's so emotional right now. Besides, he's no where near as big a star as me! So why should I ask him for help?

The door opened, revealing an angry Maka. "What, Black Star?" She looked around me. "Where's Tsubaki?" I grunted, "I need to talk to Soul; it's important." Maka glared at me, probably deciding what was so important, before calling Soul from upstairs.

He jogged downstairs and made his way outside. He shut the door behind him and Maka went back to whatever she was doing before.

"What's up?" He asked, shoving his hands in his pockets. I sighed, and explained the conversation between Sid and Nygus, then moved on to explain what we were going to do about Kira.

"Since they're goinng to the baba Yaga caslte, or whatever, we can just sneak over there while they're destroying that moral machine and we can get Kira back!"

Soul stood still, a thoughtful frown across his face. After a while of silence, Soul asked, "What about Kid? I know you're bringing Tsubaki, but Kira means a lot to him." I frowned. "Kira means a lot to you, too. Besides, Kid's not stable right now. We can't depend on him to not screw this up." I tapped my temple. "We are both very stable, stable enough to get this done, and you and Tsubaki are the two I trust the most out of this whole Academy." He contemplated that for a moment.

"Alright. But don't get me into anything I can't dig myself out of with Maka." I laughed. "Don't worry! Maka's the least of your worries!" Soul shook his head. "When do we leave?"

I smirked. "Now."


Soul's POV

I crouched next to Black Star, hidden in the underbrush. It was hard being this still and silent, and I now understood why Black Star had such a hard time being an assassin.

Black Star was completely silent now, though. He had Tsubaki in his hands, prepared for a fight. We knew we weren't going to get in without a fight, so Black Star planned it so that he would be the distraction while I got in and got Kira.

This castle was huge. It was shaped like a spider, with right metal legs and a tall, rounded, metal body. There were red eyes, and I had no idea what they were for.

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