Meeting Mr. Alpha: chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Meeting Mr. Alpha

~Rosie's POV~

Today is the day we greet the Lunic moons pack. To say I'm excited would be a lie. I hate meeting new packs because everyone makes me clean rooms, make food, and serve the new pack while all the other girls do their hair and makeup and put on pretty new dresses to look pretty for the Alpha's son. I've heard from the girls around the pack the Alpha's son is named Jake.

~ Jake's POV~

Today we land in the Moon Shine pack. I have seen pictures of all the girls except the Beta's daughter...I know her name is Rosie, and she is treated like an Omega. Maybe that's why she didn't send me pictures. I wish I could meet her now...her name sends my wolf howling, and I wonder if she is my mate.

After a few minutes we reach the pack house. And the Alpha and his family plus the Beta's family greeting us.

"Greeting Lunic moons pack, I'm Alpha George. I welcome you in to my pack." The alpha says.

"Rosie go show the Lunic moons pack the they rooms." He said to a small looks girl. She's the Beta's young's daughter.

"Yes sir." She motions us to follow her up the stairs. She calls out people's names and directs them to their rooms. Lastly it's just me and her; she put my parents in the second master bedroom and is now leading me to mine.

"Listen I know you're probably going to reject my because I'm weak and not figure to be a Luna. So can you do that now so I don't have to worry about being super hurt." She said looking at the ground. Why would I reject her she is the whole reason for the trip?

"Now why would I reject you I have be wait for you my whole life. The reason for this trip is so I could find you and you think I'm going to reject. Never in my life I thought of rejecting my mate and now that I'm looking at you, almost have you in my arms why would I be that? To be with one of those fake bimos who wear too much makeup and are slut? Never. I like the way you look natural, perfect curves, beautiful eyes and kissable lips." With that I tilt her head up so I can have a kiss. She didn't say a word or pulled back so I kissed her.

"WOW" was all she said after I kissed her.

"That's the mate bond and it will get stronger and stronger and stronger. So do you see now that I will never ever ever reject you." She simply nodded her head.

She cleared her throat and said "This is your room." And tried to run for me.

" Come back here little kitten" then I started to run after her.

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