A new friendship

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After a good nights rest we all wake up the new pokemon seemed kind. I got up "Good morning" I said to everyone sandshrew shyly said "hi" but the Nidoran♀ boldly yelled "Hi!" Hmm it seemed this trainer does not have a starter pokemon... Maybe he just caught one of these before? I don't know but we will probably soon figure out with Rattata never stoping his questions. Finally Rattata took a breath and finished asking questions. Sandshrew and Nidoran♀ looked at me Bulbasaur and Pidgey confused so badly from Rattata "don't worry he's always like this when he's exited. " Pidgey said "So, when did Chris get you? I mean like usually a new trainer has a starter pokemon." I said "Well I was his first pokemon Chris got me from his father we grew up with each other." Nidoran♀ said "Oh that explains it." I said "you guys breakfast!" Kim yells we all go and eat breakfast then after a while of laying in the sun. And the trainers talking "Lets have a battle 2 on 2 match." Chris asks "yes let's battle" Kim replies we all go to a flat field then Chris calls out his pokemon. "Sandshrew go!" Then Kim called out hers "I choose you Pidgey." Hmmm... Good match Pidgey is a flying type so she has a a better advantage against ground. Chris does the first attack "Use rapid spin!" A direct hit on Pidgey Kim then yells "Pidgey fly up then use wing attack!" "Sandshrew quick dig under ground!" He did but not fast enough Pidgey got him a fair amount but barely enough to hurt him Pidgey has no idea where Sandshrew is... Then Sandshrew came up and hit Pidgey. Pidgey then fainted. "Pidgey is unable to battle Sandshrew is the winner!" Chris said "Bulbasaur Go!" Kim yells Bulbasaur then comes out. "Bulbasaur use vine whip and grab him." Bulbasaur then wrapped the pokemon "Sandshrew use swift!"Chris yelled "Bulbasaur use razor leaf to over power the swift!" Kim yells Bulbasaur then over powers the swift and then Sandshrew faints. "Sandshrew is unable to battle Bulbasaur is the winner" Chris says "Go Nidoran♀!" Chris yells "Bulbasaur use vine-whip!" Kim yells "Nidoran♀ counter with bite!" It's a direct hit "Bulbasaur use leech seed!" Kim yells also a direct hit Nidoran♀ gets energy removed to Bulbasaur neither seem to give up. "Nidoran♀ use scratch!"Chris yells "Bulbasaur dodge" Kim yells barely missing but Nidoran♀ gets energy taken from leech seed." Now Bulbasaur use razor leaf!" Kim says critical damage and direct hit Nidoran♀ faints "Nidoran♀ is unable to battle Bulbasaur wins. Overall victory goes to Kim!" Chris says we all cheer and say good game to the other players except Pidgey who seems to be sulking in her defeat. We all go and rest. And the trainers talk I don't exactly remember what they said but one thing I know I heard was "lets journey together!" We all get ready and start the journey with friends Chris put Nidoran♀ and Sandshrew back they were tired and Kim put Pidgey and bulbasaur away. Then the rest of us started walking the dirt trail none of us knowing what's ahead. After about 3 miles of walking we came up to a pokemon center all the pokemon got healed even me. It started to get dark out so we all went to bed.

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