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Chapter 6
Jenna's P.O.V

"I'm going, bye!" I called into the house before shutting the main door and walking up to Jase's car. Its Monday already, so unfair! I want to sleep more.

"Hey bumble bee." Jase grinned as he came to hug me.

"Dude, you seriously have to stop calling me that." I whined as we both separated and sat inside his car.

Jase has been calling me bumble bee since I was 7, when this incident happened, including lots bees, that I rather not mention. But that's the day when I realised that bees are very over protective of their honey. He knows how much that name irritates me, so he calls me it just to annoy me.

"Naa, I like it," he smirked at me as the engine roared to life. 

"Fine, call me that. I'll just call you ... Egg head." I grinned at him cheekily.

I've been calling him that since he's been 8, when we were baking a cake together and he thought it'd be funny to stir the egg really fast in a bowl. Then he started to jump on the sofa with it in his hands. I warned him it might fall, but he didn't listen and in the end he threw it in the air claiming he'll be able to catch it. But instead it landed right on top of his head. I remember that day, I was laughing so hard at his grumpy looking face, trying to seal in my laughter so he wouldn't get mad at me.

"Okay, okay, okay. Fine, I won't call you that, just don't ever mention that name again," he pleaded, looking straight ahead at the road.

"Fine with me." I chuckled just in time for him to park his car at the school parking lot.

We both got out of the car and headed for the main entrance. Everyones head turned towards us and the girls just gaped at Jase who was smirking smugly. Bloody idiot, he just loves the attention. We both walked to our lockers, which were next to each other and I got my maths book out and locked it.

When I turned around, Jase wasn't there, but instead lip locking with Jessica Devereux across the hall. She was the co-captain of the cheerleading squad and was Nichole's best friend which made her bitch number two. I know for a fact Jase only sleeps with girls like her because they are easy, but at times he likes challenges, meaning girls that try to act hard to get, but end up giving in anyways.

Her back was pressed against the lockers with her legs wrapped around his waist and her manicured nails were pulling at his black hair. God, don't they even have the least piece of decency to go do that somewhere else. Their so shameless! Jealously boiled all over me and I felt like ripping her plastic body off of him and then smacking him across the face to knock some sense into him. The girls that were around had envy in their eyes as they wished it was them kissing him instead of Jessica.

I marched down the hallways to my maths class early so I didn't have to see them all over each other. Soon the bell went and everyone started to fill in the class room.

Half an hour into the lesson and finally Jason decided to come to class. Everyone turned their head towards him and when they saw who it was, they faced the front of the class again. All the students in our grade are used to him coming to class late so they don't bother giving him attention. Even the teacher didn't bother to look at him, as he knew who it was.

"Nice of you to finally join us Mr O'Connor." Mr Jenkins said, sarcasm oozing from his voice.

"Always a pleasure sir." Jase taunted, making the class laugh.

"Just go take a seat and detention after school." Mr Jenkins ordered, finally turned around from the white board, handing Jase a detention slip.

After taking the slip, he came and sat down next to me at the back of the class. By the way he looked, I could tell he had a quicky in one of the janitor closets. His black, silky hair was all messy, pointing in different ways and his white t-shirt was crunched up at the edges, but still clung on to him perfectly. Even after doing the nasty, he looked amazing.

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