Something New (Niall Horan)

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Lilly's POV

I woke up with a hangover like every other weekend.

I always say I'm not going to drink and just job search but I can't resist the party's. There so much fun and wild. I feel free at them.

It's a Sunday so I decided that I will go job searching. Maybe today will be the day! The day I will get a better job with an actual decent pay? Hope so.

So I go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. While it's heating up I wash my face with cleanser to make sure all my left over make up is off. I hop into the shower and shampoo and condition my hair. I then clean myself with unscented soap so my hair will smell like apples. I shave wherever needs shaven and hop out of the shower.

I dry my hair then straighten it. I put on denim jeans, a New York giants vest, and then a hoodie. I put on my high tops and decide to only wear mascara so I don't look fake.

I go down stairs and tell my mum I'm going job hunting and she's so happy. She hates it when I drink cause 'I'm too young' I'm 16 I should be able to make my own decisions.

"But what about your work today?" My mum asks.

"Can you call them and say I'm ill?" I ask while pouting and opening my blue eyes so she can see my puppy dog face properly. She's sighs but agrees. I don't eat cause I'm still hungover.

I leave the house and the early English morning greets me. It's May, so it's quite warm outside. My father owns lots of companies all over the world, so we have lots of money, or you could just day were rich? I hate it when people say that though. It's like they only want to be friends with me because my family has money.

But anyway since we have money we live in a pretty good neighbour hood in the centre of London. Our house is really big. There's a few hairdressers in my neighbour hood so I decide to go there first. As soon as I started walking down the street I hear lots of girls screaming. God knows why. But it was annoying, they all seemed to be following a black van, creepy.

So I got to the first hairdresser and went in. I spoke to the manager and asked him for an interview. He happily agreed, I explained how I already have job but get very little pay for the amount I do.

"Yes, well I actually am better at doing men's hair than ladies but I don't mind which I do." Just as I finished that line there was a knock at the door. The man got up and answered it.

"Simon how lovely of you to come! I'm actually in the middle of an interview you can stay here or wait outside?" The man who I thinks name was James said to the man simon.

"I would love to stay here and listen to this interview actually? If that's okay with the girl?" The man simon replied. I turned around and smiled then nodded.

I am pretty confident anyway. As the simon sat down I recognised him from somewhere. I kept thinking, but I just couldn't remember.

"So your better at boys hair then?" James asked.

"Yes well I would like to think that and people didn't just lie to me. People used to just take in pictures of hair and I could do it easily. I can cut, style and I know how to look after hair!" I replied.

That's when I remember where Simon was from, my mum watches this show X factor,I think maybe! Im sure he's a judge on it!

After other questions and answers the interview was over. I thanked James for listening then said bye to Simon and told him it was lovely meeting him. As I walked out the room I heard lots of girls screaming. I seen 5 pretty hot boys sitting in different chairs. They all sat on their phones, one of them who had lovely curly hair and green eyes looked up at me and smiled. His smile showed his dimples. They were lovely.

I'm sure I recognised him from somewhere but I have no idea where?

Simons POV

After the girl left, she gave James her number if he needed to contact her. But I insisted he gave it to me.

Lou who was our hair dresser already had to quit the job cause the tour was to much for her, I decided I would go and speak to the boys and see what they think about hiring her then asking if she would want to go on tour after maybe 2 months or so.

"Right boys I need to speak to you's" I said to them.

"Okay then sir" Niall replied in a horrible English accent. I laughed along with the other boys.

"No, it serious! Okay as you's know sadly Lou had to quit. And we need a hair dresser. So I was sitting in that room with James and a girl looking for a job and she seems perfect for us!" I spoke but was soon interrupted by Harry.

"Who? The girl that just walked out? Ohhh she's fit." Harry said. Bloody hell this is going to be hard.

"She's fit? That's great, is she good for me?" Niall asked.

"But I seen her first" Harry said while pretending to cry.

"You have been meeting Kendall Jenner for Christ sake. I get first go with and her if it doesn't wor-" Niall started.

"Both of you's shut up!' I shouted. They both looked down. "So if I call her later that's good with you's?" I asked.

They all replied with lots of yeahs and nods. Then Harry and Niall began arguing again.

Lily's POV

After going round the neighbour hood I decided just to go back home then search in London's centre later.

At home I went and told my mum about my day and she seemed happy for me. My phone rang and I went upstairs to answer.

"Hello" I answered.

"Hiya love, is this Lilly?" A man asked.

"It is indeed, who's this?"

"It's Simon from James' interview?"

"Oh yeah! Simon. Why did you call?"

"Okay I heard you were looking for a job. And I don't know if you recognise me from the X factor, but I manage a boy band. And out hair dresser recently quit. And I was wondering if yo-" I cut him off.

"Yes. Oh my god! Yes, I would love that! Thank you thank you! So much. What boy band is it?"

"That's great! I'm. My aloud to tell you yet due to fan girls, but I can tell you their ages?"

"Yes okay."

"The oldest one is 22, then one of them is 21 and the other tree are 20."

"Okay then, when do I start?"

"Well you could go over to their flat tomorrow and just meet them, then they will speak to you about how they like their hair on a different day. If that's okay?"

"Yes that's fine! What's the address?"

"I will text you it and the times you should go!"

"Okay bye simon"

"Bye Lily!"

And with that I have a job, working for a boy band, who are 4-6 years older than me. Wow this is crazy! I'm going to she to skip school tomorrow. Actually I'm going to just explain to my mum that it's a once in a lifetime chance. But first I need a nap.


Heyyyyyy guys. Okay so that's the first chapter!

I hope you liked it.

Yeahhhhh sooo there's not much else to say so ya know, good byeeee

Perrie xxx

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