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Chapter one

It was a cold day in London. Jake pulled the collar on his coat up as he walked against the bitter wind. Never being far from his thoughts, he thought about his mother sick with worry, sitting around the house waiting for news of his arrival. Even being 20 he, in his mother's eyes, was still her young boy against the world and a short stay with friends in London did nothing to soothe her fears.

Entering the tube station he gathered his thoughts as he stumbled through the thick crowd of late night workers. The machine upon checking the ticket let out a hearty wheeze as it opened, letting him into the packed platform among the other darkly clothed people shuffling to be near the door of the tube. He was right at the back the furthest away anyone could be from the already filled tube. He was never going to make it. He walked up, out of the station, walking past all of the news stands when it started to snow. He cursed as the temperature dropped below freezing. He had to find a cab to go back to his friends house.

Avoiding ice on the pavement he waved his arm out just as a lone cab pulled up and the driver asked him where he wanted to go. "Do you know the Madison Street?" He asked doubtfully it was a quiet little street with no more than three houses. He surprised me by answering "Yeah actually I do, Which road?" "Green Road, second on the left" Jake replied. He got inside the cab and leaned back against the worn leather, watching cars speed past he sighed, his breath fogging up the window. The roads, already gathering snow made it nearly impossible to drive safely on the road. He felt his eyes sweeping over the back of the cab seats as the road bumped up and down.

The cab pulled up, Jake climbed out and paid the man five pounds for the short journey back. As the cab backed out of the drive Jake looked up to see the door slightly ajar. "That's not like Mike" He thought to himself. Stepping cautiously around the ice he made it to the door. "Mike?" He called out. No reply. Pushing the door open he stepped inside the building. It was so cold, no heat at all. He flicked a switch and the noise of the TV playing loudly. He walked inside saying "Mike, mate you'll never guess what-" He stopped and stared at his friend sprawled on the floor his arms spread out, not moving at all. A small pool of red by his head. He backed away reaching for his mobile. Suddenly he heard a shuffle not very loud but just enough for him to turn around in time to see a hand with what looked like a spanner heading towards him. The world turns dark. His memories ends there.

Both boys were found the next day early in the morning by a neighbour. He soon called the police, who came flashing sirens all the way. The place was sealed off, their parents informed and detectives were heavily at work. This continued for six months, when nothing was found the police reluctantly closed the case as unsolved, and it was forgotten about until today.

Chapter two

17 years later


A sleepy hand slapped down on the alarm clock buzzer as Adam Stewart swung his feet off the side of his bed. Yawning, he looked down at the bedraggled pile of clothes dumped on the floor near his bed. Slowly he pulled himself to his feet and got dressed. Making his way out to the kitchen he almost walked into his brother-like roommate Sam Henderson making an omelette, and he meant that by charring it beyond recognition. "How did you sleep last night?" Sam asked. As per usual Adam replied with a simple shrug of his shoulders indicating that he wasn't really willing to talk about it. " How about you?" replied Adam. "Same old, same old, I can never get any sleep because of the goddamn pipes next door, you'll have to complain again." said Sam. "Me?, why can't you go this time?" inquired Adam as he swept his honey coloured hair out of his eyes. "You know the reason" said Sam, " That person scares the hell out of me!, they never leave and one time I swear I saw someone looking into my window!" Sam moved to window and drew the curtains before returning to the burnt up egg. "Hell, I bet they're probably crazy or something, maybe even a murderer!" Adam couldn't help but roll his eyes at this, Sam was well known for his dramatizing, since birth. Looking at his watch Adam realized he'd have to miss breakfast to get to work on time, but looking back at Sam scraping out the blacked eggy-mess, he couldn't help but think that really wasn't a bad thing.

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