Chapter 5

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As soon as we roll out into the crowd, I try hide my nervousness. I blow air kisses, just like Cinna had told me to, and I can hear people saying 'awww' and 'She's so adorable'. I give the crowd a big smile and they scream with delight. I look in front of me and catch a glimpse of myself on the screen. It looks like I'm glowing, and I just can't believe that I'm on fire.

At one point, someone throws me a rose, and I catch it and blow that person a kiss. I hear them scream and I smile. Suddenly, I hear someone clearing their throat. I glance up at the stage and see President Snow. I put my hands on Peeta's head to balance myself as the president talks.

"Welcome to the 74th annual Hunger Games. I would just like to say congratulations to everyone who was reaped-"

Congratulations? I think.

"And good luck through your journey." He continues. "You may be dismissed to go to your headquarters."

We roll backstage and I notice that my flames have died down. Peeta gently sets me down on the floor and Cinna gives me a hug.

"Good job." He says.

"Thanks!" I reply.

"You were adorable!" Effie exclaims.

I giggle. But then I notice the other tributes giving me deadly looks.

I hide behind Peeta. "Don't worry about them." He whispers.

"It's time to go to our headquarters." Says Haymitch.

As we walk into the headquarters for the Hunger Games, Haymitch explains what we're doing tomorrow.

"Tomorrow, you'll have training. That'll last for three days and then you go to your private training sessions, where you'll be scored on how well you did. Don't show off tomorrow; do that during private training."

Peeta and I nod.

When we arrive on our floor, Effie escorts us to our rooms. My room is even bigger than the one on the train! I change out of my suit into black leggings with a long-sleeved white blouse that reaches down to my thighs. I take my braids out and brush my hair. Then I put on some white flats and head down to the dining room.

Suprisingly, I'm the second one there. Haymitch and Peeta haven't arrived yet. I sit across from Effie and patiently wait for them. They arrive five minutes later and Peeta takes a seat next to me. The pale waiters come in and place our food in front of us.

"Thank you." I say. They nod their heads.

I frown. "Can't you talk?" They look at Effie and Haymitch nervously.

"Prim, they're avoxes. Their tongues were cut out." Explains Haymitch.

"Oh." I say in a small voice.

Everyone is silent for the whole meal. It's amazing, as usual. We eat vegetable soup, some beef, and bread. For dessert, the avoxes bring out some chocolate cheesecake. I've grown to like chocolate, I decide.

After dinner, Effie says that we should get to bed because we have a big, big day tomorrow. When I go to my room, I notice that my black suit is missing. An avox probably took it. I head into the bathroom and take a shower. Then I slip on a white lace nightgown and leave my hair down. I spend an hour watching tv. At 10:00 I decide to go to sleep, but a few hours later I wake up screaming. I dreamt that one of the careers, one of the ones that were staring at me from the tribute parade, were coming at me and they had brutally killed me in the Hunger Games.

Suddenly, Peeta rushes into the room and sees my tear-streaked face. "Are you okay, Prim?"

"Sorry. I had a bad dream." I say.

He walks over to my bed and gives me a hug. "Do you want me to stay with you until you fall asleep?" He asks gently.

"Okay." I whisper.

I lay back down and Peeta strokes my hair. As I start to close my eyes, he gives me a kiss on my forehead and gets up.

"Goodnight, Prim."

"Goodnight, Peeta."

He leaves the room and I dream of playing in a meadow with my mother, my father, Katniss, and Peeta.


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