Chapter 2

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​"Dad! I'm being forced into the Homo Games!" I yelled when I got home later that day.

When the guys in the white outfits came into my classroom, I immediately surrendered seeing what happened to that bitch Uvula. I really wanted to laugh at her but then I was faced by the men. Frying pans apparently left egg-sized lumps on foreheads. It made me want to laugh when I saw her again.

​"Why", asked my father, Trey, as I took off my shoes. He then processed what I said. "Wait what?"

​"Mr. Stone kind of, sort of, kidnapped 24 of us from our classes and told us we were to be trained and interviewed. After that then we are sent into the games to fight to the death!"

​"Uh... Ok."

​"I'm surprised you didn't ask if I was homo."

​"Are you?"



​"Secretly we are half gay."

​"Ok." Dad pet my head and walked into the other room. I rolled my eyes and followed him, but bumped into something.

​"Sissy!" an annoying, high-pitched voice said cheerfully up at me.

​Can I be put in the Homo Games now if I asked? Put myself out of my misery? Anything to get away from this little girl. I thought to myself with thoughts of deaths for this little girl.

​"Hi Daja", I said to her, faking the best smile I could.

​Daja ran over to Dad and wiggles into his lap, hugging him.

​"Papa, I wuv chu!" she said. I wish she would slip on ice and break her nose. I shook my head and went to my room for the rest of the night.

​When we got to school the next day, we weren't allowed to go to our normal classes. I guess we were supposed to start training which some girls looked nervous about. Most of the guys looked totally ready and excited, but other guys stood in the back behind some of the girls.

​"Welcome back, my Homo Games tributes", Mr. Shtone announced. He walked from the school where we stood outside, waiting for instructions. "Now if you would follow me right this way..."

​We started inside the front entrance and followed Mr. Shtone to the gym. Our gym was pretty normal with two sets of bleachers on each side, and a stage at the back wall. Mr. Shtone led us under the stage and everyone gasped.

​"Holy shit", I heard someone say under their breath. Holy shit is right, I thought looking around at the huge room. It was a wide open room right under the stage that no one even knew about!

​"Through that door", Mr. Shtone started saying, pointing at a door at the far back wall, "is where you kids will be training. Down the left hallway is where the girls will be roomed. The right hallway will be where the boys are roomed."

​"Roomed? You mean we will be living here until we go into the games?" I asked him, stepping forward.

​"Of course!" Mr. Shtone said smiling. "Your families would be a distraction away from your training."

​"Thank you!" I yelled, running up to him and hugging him.

​"Won't you miss your sister, Ajairu?" My friend, England, asked me.

​"Ha! Why would I miss that little-", I started as I looked at the other students. "Uh... I mean, yeah. Sure I'll uh... miss her dearly. She sure is the cutest girl I've ever-"

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