Pranked (A Magcon Fanfic) Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The shaving cream was cold and heavy in our hands and anticipation was wild in our eyes. We circled the 11th floor once without a sight of them but we weren't going to give up that easy; they deserved this revenge. Gia had vine pulled up and ready. As we circled the floor the second time we saw them. All of the boys were now standing outside their rooms; no security just the boys. We hid back behind the corner to plan the attack, all of us agreed that on the count of three would run as fast as we can at the boys and smack cam as many of them as we could.

3... 2... 1... GO

We ran down the hallway getting shaving cream on 4/9. We continued to run down the dead end hallway until the boys caught up to us.

"That was pretty good revenge girls" Cam said wiping shaving cream off his cheek and quickly smearing some on Gia's face. Gia blushed and turned away from cam so he wouldn't see.

"You guys definitely caught us off guard" Shawn said staring at Juliana, the girl who had smack camed him.

Taylor grabbed Khayli's hand and used it to wipe all of the shaving cream off his face, leaving Khayli's hand covered.

Matt asked, "who was the master mind behind this sneak attack?" I walked up to him and gave him a smirk "it was me."

"Of course it was you! You looked pretty sneaky when we pranked you earlier his morning. I knew you had to be behind it."

"That plan was pretty good. You know what I think you'd be great at though, making vines! You all should come to one of our rooms to make some vines and hang out." Johnson says as he leads the boys to their rooms.

We all squeezed into Cam and Nash's room and everyone settled on the beds or the ground. Gilinsky pulled out his phone, opened up vine and started recording a promo for our vine channel. We made a vine on every single one of the boys vines and they were full of laughs and jokes. It was now past midnight and there was still magcon the next day so we decided to say goodnight to the boys and go back to our room. The boys walked us back to our room and gave us all goodnight hugs but taylor, shawn, Matt and cam insisted on staying a little longer. The rest of the boys walked back to the room not thinking anything of it. Taylor took Khayli's hand and led her down a different hallway. Taylor gave her his number and a quick peck on the cheek before he said he had to get back to his room to get some sleep. Cam went into our room with Gia, sat her down on the bed and told her how he thought she was perfect and that he really wanted to get to know her better. He then gave her his number and told her to text him sometime. Shawn led Julianna down the opposite hallway pinning her against the wall and staring deep into her eyes. He leaned in inches away from her face took a deep breath and then pulled back. Julianna received his number and walked back to our room with her heart racing. Matt took me back to his room. We walked in to see carter laying on the bed on his laptop. He looked up and said "sorry ill leave" and he quickly left the room. Matt sat down next to me on the bed and took my face in his hand stroking my cheek, looking deep into my eyes. He said I had the most beautiful brown eyes he'd ever seen, I half smiled and looked down nervously. Matt explained how he thought I was the most incredible girl he'd ever met and went into a whole sappy speech that made my heart melt. He kissed my cheek and told me goodnight and sweet dreams and that'd he'd see me first thing tomorrow morning. I walked back to our room with the biggest grin on my face and fell asleep in complete bliss.

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