“Yes, Lord”

As Drake said those words the black figure faded into darkness leaving a pungent smell behind. Drake was left alone in the bathroom, the smell slowly faded away. But Drake didn’t know what to do.

He leaned on to the wash basin and looked into the mirror intently and he didn't like what he saw. He picked up the comb nearby and smashed the mirror in the rage.

The mirror lay shattered in pieces, as he walked through the shattered pieces bare feet. The pieces bore into his tender foot. He walked out of the bathroom. The blood was still dripping from his gaping wound. He wrapped a cloth around his wound to stop the blood from running.

He lay down on the bed thinking about what was happening. He looked at the ceiling and thought that he has to pay attention to his mission and not stray away from that.

He thought about it as the sun set outside. The light of the sunset passed through the spaces in between the curtains. As the sun set he slowly went into his little slumber.


The darkness hugged light a goodbye, the owls outside started hooting. The birds went inside their nests for their well deserved rest. Gabriela lay on the hospital bed sleeping, a black hooded slowly formed near her bed. The smoke slowly came together to form a static figure. The figure slowly came towards her and touched her forehead. The figure slowly started to fade away. It slowly became translucent, till it became smoke. It finally mingled into the darkness.

Just then Gabriela’s dad entered with his coffee. He sat beside her all night.

*Next Day*

After his little slumber, Drake dragged himself out of his bed. He freshened up and got ready to go to the hospital, to meet Gabriela.

He walked through the hospital corridor slowly. He finally reached Gabriela’s room 110. As he opened the door, the door creaked and there he saw Gabriela lay on the bed. He entered and slowly walked towards her.

Gabriela’s father, Sam was still sleeping beside her. Drake touched and he woke up with a start, then he gained his consciousness properly. He smiled when he saw Drake. He got up and went outside the room to give them some time together.

Drake sat down on the stool beside the bed and looked at her intently. He took her hand and held her hand tightly. He looked at her as she opened her little slowly. Her eyes glistened under the morning sun. She smiled to see him and held his hold even tighter.

For a little while they looked at each other’s eyes. The moment broke when Drake said, “How are you feeling today, love?”

“I am feeling better today.”

As she said this, she saw a blood stained cloth wrapped around Drake’s left hand. She stroked her hand on the wound and suddenly felt a power surround her. She felt uncomfortable. 

Suddenly, she felt like she saw smoke filling around her and calling her “Gabriela, Gabriela.”

The smoke completely surrounded her, as if hugging her. She couldn't understand what was happening. But it was very uncomfortable for her. 

She quickly withdrew her hand from the wound. For a minute, she was lost.

“Gabriela, are you here?”

She quickly regained and saw Drake still sitting on the stool. The smoke was not there, she couldn’t hear anything. She thought to herself that it might have been the side effects medicine the nurse had given to her. She quickly nudged the notion of anything bad and looked at Drake and asked him, “What happened, Drake? How did you get hurt?”

“Nothing to worry about, Gabriela. Just a little graze.”

He said this and kissed her on her hand and laid his head beside her.

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