Chapter 12 • Awkward Situations

Ariana's POV

Me and Hayes stood there in shock as they were pretty much sucking their faces off. And to think, I was actually starting to like Jake.

"We should go.." Hayes pointed towards the door.

I nodded and grabbed Hayes's hand. "I'll go tell Jake I'm leaving.." I let him go say goodbye, as I watched them in the distance. Thank god they've stopped after what felt like 10 years.

Hayes was talking to Jake as Melissa was gesturing me to come over. I held my breath as I walked over to them. She had a smirk plastered on her face as Jake put an arm around her.

" guys are an item now?" Hayes asked as I stood close to him.

"Yeah, I asked her out yesterday after tryouts. I've liked her for awhile, so, i finally had the guts to ask her out". Jake smiled proudly as he kissed her cheek.

Me and Hayes both nodded awkwardly. "How about you Ariel, are you dating Hayes?" Melissa smiled. I wanted to stick the middle finger soo badly in her face right now.

"Yes". Hayes answered for me. "And her name is Ariana, for the millionth time. Besides, wouldn't you like to say anything to her, Melissa".

My eyes widen. I didn't want Hayes to say anything that happened between me and her a few days ago.

"Hey, where did you get those bruises from Ari?" Jake changed the subject.

I touched the bruises that were healing on my face. "Nowhere". i answered simply.

Jake gave me a worried look as Hayes kept giving Melissa the stink eye. "I have to go". I ran away from that really awkward conversation. Hayes following behind me.

"Babe, hey..are you okay?" He put his arms around me as he kissed my forehead.

"I'm fine, i just didn't want to tell Jake what happened, I feel like if i did, Melissa is just going to come after me because Jake will break up with her".

Hayes let out a sigh as he put his arm tightly around my waist as we walked back to my house. Why would Jake suddenly decide..that he should date Melissa? I mean..out of all people..even the ones in this whole freaking world..the one girl who hates my guts

I feel like they are just doing this for something. But..i also feel like they do actually like each other and are actually dating..

I snapped out of my thoughts as I realized we were in front of my front door on the porch. "I'll see you tomorrow? Okay babe? Text me later" Hayes kissed me goodbye as I watched he step off my porch and head back to his house.

I walked inside of mine as i lazily placed my shoes by the door and headed upstairs to my room, carrying my heavy gym bag with me. I took off my sweaty volleyball gear and threw it in my hamper. I stepped into the shower, letting the cool water hit my skin. I scrubbed my body down with my favourite body wash and washed it all off after. I also washed my has with shampoo and conditioner.

Once I stepped out of the bathroom, i put on my pj's and jumped in bed..literally. I plugged in my phone and went through a bunch of things on it that I missed throughout the day.

I got an email from..Bridget? Weird..and a few messages from Nash..even more weird.

I read Bridget's emails which says that the next practice is going to be this week and on the weekend. Then i read what Nash sent me..

"Hey..i really need to talk to you, meet me after school tmrw and don't tell anyone, especially my brother"

"I hope you had fun at practice today;)"


"You're cousin acts exactly like you! Omg!"

Is her? Or..seeing her? Uhmm..

I know i was kinda okay with them together before, but I feel like Jenna is hiding something from him..i know she is, but, I hope she tells Nash at the right time. Before she leaves.

Before I drifted off to sleep, my phone buzzed and i heard someone knocking on my window.



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Who do you think texted Ari? And why do you think Jake is at her window???


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